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Title: Hello and How old is your Autostick?
Post by: folkswagon on 14 December 2012, 00:35
Hi all, I'm new to this forum but really happy I found it. I look after my Nan's 1968 semi auto which she's owned since new. I've added a pic when we used it for our wedding car back in 2006. Still in pretty good nick though but it does need some work on the front suspension, engine (new seals etc as a little drippy) plus uncomfortable noise from the torque converter or gearbox. Picked up a spare engine and box from a 68 semi-auto on eBay so I should have a good chance of getting it back to running order at some stage.
What I would be interested in is if the statement that my Nan said the garage told her was true in that it was the first semi auto shipped to the UK?
According to the log book it was first registered 26/02/1968
Does anyone have an older one?


Title: Re: Hello and How old is your Autostick?
Post by: 68autobug on 17 February 2013, 07:44
Hi Chris
Mine is a 1968 model made about april 1968 so its a much later model than Yours.
I am in Australia..  Mine used to make a very loud howling Noise from the gearbox as it sat for about 8 years while I restored it... The Hypoid oil eats the brass in the bushes in the gearbox so its recommended to drain all the hypoid oil from them when they are being stored..
as they do in Canada and the |USA in Winter..
I drove Mine for about a year with the noise and added a bottle of PROMAR oil additive to the gearbox.  One day while driving the noise suddenly dropped to about 1/2 the level it normally was... and then one day it stopped altogether.. I could now use the Radio and CD player.. lol
Promar is supposed to fill any hollows etc in bushes and bearings..
Its highly concentrated Molydebnium disulfide not sure where its made but maybe something with similar claims is available in the UK..


LEE in Australia

Title: Re: Hello and How old is your Autostick?
Post by: mouser98 on 07 May 2014, 20:15

Sorry for reviving a dead thread but my car is making a what i would describe as an intermittent but persistent screeching sound when under load at speed.  Can't tell for sure, but it sounds like it may be coming from the tranny.  It sounds like it might be the sound you describe, but its more high pitched than a howl.  The car has sat up for a while, at least a year while I rebuilt the engine and no telling how much before I got it.  I can tell you this, the tires were dated 1998 and had almost all their tread still, so the car hadn't been driven much since they were put on.  Does this sound at all like the same sound your's was making?
Title: Re: Hello and How old is your Autostick?
Post by: 68autobug on 08 May 2014, 11:31
I only remember it was very loud, although it didn't stop Me from driving the car. I presume Your gearbox is filled with Hypoid oil which is needed for the differential which is inside the gearbox/transaxle.
I would use an additive in with the oil. Something with Molybdenum disulphide in it..  I used a product called PROMAR or PRO-MAR gearbox additive. I used double the normal amount and it eventually quietened the noise..  VW recommended that hypoid oil NOT be used when a gearbox is stored but use a non hypoid oil..


Title: Re: Hello and How old is your Autostick?
Post by: folkswagon on 20 January 2019, 16:11
Bit of a delayed response to this thread, wonder if Iíve any brass left In my box :D

Currently rebuilding the front beam and all attached to it (reason in failed the MOT back in 2008) so once that is finished Iíll get around the the rear end and find out.....
Title: Re: Hello and How old is your Autostick?
Post by: 68autobug on 21 January 2019, 16:24
Hi Chris,
We don't have any trouble with Our front ends as they don't rust because We don't have salt etc put on our roads, and it really doesn't rain all that often here...lol....   same as We can still use the VW jacks in the places provided as I've never seen one that was badly rusted.... I read in the USA Bentley manual that if You store your autostick during the winter months to drain the hypoid oil from the gearbox [transaxle] or fill with another type of oil....
I have read where the shock absorber mounts get eaten away with the salt etc...  I have painted every part of My Beetle many times... so, it should never rust anywhere... the only rust I found when I pulled it apart was under the rear window rubber.. two small holes which My Son brazed up.... I also got him to braze up the holes under the front windscreen rubber which were put there by VW.. I also coated under the rubber with many coats of fish oil... to stop any further rusting...

Lee in Australia...
not good for driving non air conditioned cars 40-42C degrees the past few weeks..
although very lucky as We normally get these temperatures in December too, but We didn't get them this year...

Title: Re: Hello and How old is your Autostick?
Post by: Dave on 22 January 2019, 14:40
1973 Orange 1300 here, been off road garaged since 1996 waiting for TLC :)
Title: Re: Hello and How old is your Autostick?
Post by: ebbingnl on 31 March 2019, 22:45
Hi, 2 1973 1303 auto sticks here, a orange early 73, and few months younger white one.
Both 1300cc.

Title: Re: Hello and How old is your Autostick?
Post by: 68autobug on 05 April 2019, 11:18
My Beetle is a 1968 1500 stickshift called semi automatics in Australia...  I purchased it in 1995 and restored it from 1997 until it was on the road and registered in December 2005...  I had bought many new and used spare parts over the years so I saved some money there... I have replaced both front and rear bumpers and changed exhaust systems and now it has EXTRACTOR exhaust system and thunderbird muffler coming out the RHS... My rear valance is made of glass fiber and is removable so taking the engine out is quite easy...  just place it on an engine stand with wheels and pull it straight out.... I have 4 widened 15 inch chromed steel wheels with new hubcaps..

Lee 68autobug   Australia