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Title: Won’t start
Post by: Willyb on 10 January 2019, 01:44
Just wondering what will be the easiest way to diagnose if the wire from shifter is not getting good connection or the neutral switch is bad? It does not crack sometimes. Thanks
Title: Re: Won’t start
Post by: 68autobug on 15 January 2019, 10:21
Hi, not sure what You mean by cracking??
I run 12 volts from the battery thru a relay which switches on with the ignition..
I have not heard of any problems with the neutral start switch.... apart from the wire coming off the terminal...
There should be an earth/ground strap at the front gearbox mounting to ground out the gearbox & engine..
There doesn't seem to be many problems with the control valve either.... electrically... or vacuum wise...

I see now that You are thinking You either have a problem with the neutral start switch or the Gear shifter points.
The gear shifting points do need to be adjusted now & then... every few years... it is a good idea to run a new wire to the gear shifter points..... and adjust and clean the points... A new wire is easy to solder onto the points so they do not need to be renewed...  and check the wires on the neutral start switch..... and clean them too....

Lee in Australia