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Title: Engine Thermostat
Post by: cliffrun2 on 13 January 2019, 22:39
I have a 71 Super AutoStick and noticed it does not have the brass accordion thermostat on the engine case below the pushrod tubes.  I have had Beetles in the past and there has always been the thermostat that helps regulate the air flow from the fan.  The engine is the original so I eliminated the thought of a different case.
Any information of clarity will help.

Title: Re: Engine Thermostat
Post by: Raymond73 on 13 January 2019, 23:03
Those are getting harder to find. The site below still has them though.

Title: Re: Engine Thermostat
Post by: bhartwell59 on 14 January 2019, 04:22
Yep, that's where I got mine... $130
Title: Re: Engine Thermostat
Post by: cliffrun2 on 14 January 2019, 20:04
Thanks for the replied information, but I am asking if an engine without the thermostat is common for autostick cars/engines.  As I stated, this engine is the original and I don't see any indication of a modification.
Title: Re: Engine Thermostat
Post by: Raymond73 on 14 January 2019, 23:34
Sorry for the misunderstanding. I would say that it most likely had a thermostat installed when it was new.

For example, take a look at the manual for your year. https://www.thesamba.com/vw/archives/manuals/71bug/71bug.pdf

On page 64 Technical data: Engine
"Air cooling by fan, thermostat controlled"

It's probably common that it was removed by someone. Is there a mounting stud on the bottom of the engine (or maybe a remnant of one)?
Title: Re: Engine Thermostat - THERMOSTATS VERY RARE IN AUSTRALIA --
Post by: 68autobug on 15 January 2019, 09:47
Hi again Cliff,
All thermostats were removed at the first service by VW mechanics , or at a later date , when one was found to be be still in the car. This was in Australia. As far as I know all air cooled engines came with a thermostat.... and they should all still have one...
but to VW Australia Policy was to remove them [from local VW trained VW mechanic - who used to adjust the thermostat so they wouldn't work] and throw them in the trash... so, they are very rare in Australia.... it seems that someone high up in Volkswagen Australasia thought that the engines would run  cooler if it didn't have a thermostat... Now in very high temperatures [like today 40C] having a thermostat would have little effect as the engine would get hot very fast anyway.... but in the winter when it can reach 0C degrees in parts of Australia, the thermostat would keep the engine at the same temperature.... so it would warm up very fast and stay warm regardless of the outside cold temperature....  so, without the thermostat, it would take longer to get to operating temperature, and may actually stay too cool.... because it would take longer to get to operating temperature means it would wear more than normal ------ as far as i know engines overseas kept their thermostats.... You can buy a new thermostat in the USA... CIP1 used to sell them. they are a new design... maybe from Brasil or Mexico.???

LEE in Australia

Title: Re: Engine Thermostat
Post by: cliffrun2 on 15 January 2019, 20:38
Raymond73 thanks for the attachment.  I saw the statement you referenced.  I didn't see anything on the engine block, but I will make it a point to add the thermostat when I pull the engine for spring cleaning.

Also, to Lee, I appreciate your wealth of knowledge on matters of the VW Beetle.
Title: Re: Engine Thermostat
Post by: 68autobug on 16 January 2019, 13:02
The thermostat is connected to a piece of flat metal that goes across the back of the fan housing. It should have a spring attached to it to keep the thermostat flap open...  the thermostat flaps are in the bottom part of the fan housing... they are attached to the flat steel bar at the back with little clips... I have seen many fan housings with the flaps taken out... these should be left in as they direct the cooling air over the engine, otherwise it is just a big hole...

Lee in Australia