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Title: Random lost power
Post by: jovanybg on 05 February 2020, 06:27
Quick question after an year of silence! :)
I have a 1971 Karmann Ghia autostick that for the last year runs pretty good.
The only troublesome issue I've encountered is the random power/rpm lost when pushing the gas pedal at start from stop. It is solved by depressing the gas pedal and pressing it again.
On that second push of the gas pedal the power is there, increasing with the rpm and the car takes off as it should!
Interesting enough that is very random "problem" that I learned to live with, but I will appreciate if somebody has a good idea of how to fix it.
Timing is correct.
Idle speed is 915-920rpm.
Correct Solex and correct dual vacuum distributor.
At all the meets I go the VW crowd is impressed of how good the car runs, but still that little hick-up is something I am looking at fixing!
Title: Re: Random lost power
Post by: Raymond73 on 19 February 2020, 02:44
It sounds like there is an initial delay in getting adequate fuel/air down the carb throat. Maybe the throttle is sticking?

Here are some things that come to mind.

Too much slack in the accelerator cable or cable binding somewhere?
Carb accelerator pump gummed up/gasket hard as a rock/BB stuck in the port/spring missing or broken?
Accelerator injector weak spray or not spraying straight down carb?
When was the last time the carb was cleaned/rebuilt?
Either of the carb shafts or valves binding or resisting being moved?

With the engine at idle, will it quickly respond to pulling throttle arm with a couple fingers or does it resist just like if you were pushing the accelerator pedal with your foot?

Title: Re: Random lost power
Post by: Tom K. on 21 February 2020, 22:17
Is the vacuum canister on your distributor holding a vacuum?
Title: Re: Random lost power
Post by: 68autobug on 31 March 2020, 09:27
Odd problem there..... Could be  vacuum or carburetor.... and fuel problem.... but not every time.... This can be difficult to find when it an intermittant problem..  Have You checked it if doesn't do this with the air cleaner OFF???   and does it work OK when you press the accelerator ?? rev up OK ??
The accelerator cable is at the correct position.... with the carburetor at idle  [choke not on] ..??

Lee in Australia...