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Technical / Re: Driving shaft seal
« Last post by 68autobug on 16 January 2019, 13:04  »
I will check some books tomorrow...

they should all be the same I would think....

Lee   in Australia
Technical / Re: Engine Thermostat
« Last post by 68autobug on 16 January 2019, 13:02  »
The thermostat is connected to a piece of flat metal that goes across the back of the fan housing. It should have a spring attached to it to keep the thermostat flap open...  the thermostat flaps are in the bottom part of the fan housing... they are attached to the flat steel bar at the back with little clips... I have seen many fan housings with the flaps taken out... these should be left in as they direct the cooling air over the engine, otherwise it is just a big hole...

Lee in Australia
Technical / Driving shaft seal
« Last post by RedRat on 16 January 2019, 13:01  »
Hi folks,

first posting and a problem....

Our 70 AS 1300 has the problem with leaking oil out of the trans from the 2 side plates. Beneath that there is a seal, which is larger than the "normal" IRS seal. Does anyone has the dimension of that seal ? Or the VW number. ( My Etos only shows "discontued")

Greetz from Germany


(70 1300 and 73 Super Beetle)
Technical / Re: Engine Thermostat
« Last post by cliffrun2 on 15 January 2019, 20:38  »
Raymond73 thanks for the attachment.  I saw the statement you referenced.  I didn't see anything on the engine block, but I will make it a point to add the thermostat when I pull the engine for spring cleaning.

Also, to Lee, I appreciate your wealth of knowledge on matters of the VW Beetle.
General / Re: Happy New Year to each and every AS Enthusiast.
« Last post by 68autobug on 15 January 2019, 10:28  »
Very nice looking Karmann Ghia Rick... These are very rare in Australia... only a few were sold in 1959-1960... and naturally they were manuals... I have seen some Karmann ghias which have been imported from the USA and they have the Austostick gear lever boot.... so they have been changed to manual at some time.

They are regarded as hand built cars by Karmann using Volkswagen running gear etc...  they were very expensive in Australia...
Technical / Re: Won’t start
« Last post by 68autobug on 15 January 2019, 10:21  »
Hi, not sure what You mean by cracking??
I run 12 volts from the battery thru a relay which switches on with the ignition..
I have not heard of any problems with the neutral start switch.... apart from the wire coming off the terminal...
There should be an earth/ground strap at the front gearbox mounting to ground out the gearbox & engine..
There doesn't seem to be many problems with the control valve either.... electrically... or vacuum wise...

I see now that You are thinking You either have a problem with the neutral start switch or the Gear shifter points.
The gear shifting points do need to be adjusted now & then... every few years... it is a good idea to run a new wire to the gear shifter points..... and adjust and clean the points... A new wire is easy to solder onto the points so they do not need to be renewed...  and check the wires on the neutral start switch..... and clean them too....

Lee in Australia

Technical / Re: 74 auto stick - eratic idle, control valve leaks?
« Last post by 68autobug on 15 January 2019, 10:12  »
YIKES..... very odd problem when disconnecting the control valve....
I would try this - put a new wire from the battery via a relay connected to the ignition... to see if that fixes the problem...  or just connect the control valve to the battery while You do this test.  and check Your ignition , points & distributor rotor button....  which can all cause problems...  check to see if You have 12-14 volts...
I would also adjust the carburetor choke so it doesn't work... wide open.-----  for this test. [also take the wire off]
until You get everything running correctly ---
You can seal all the exhaust ports using silastic... silicon... which will take the very high exhaust temperatures.
replace the carburetor inlet gasket & inlet gaskets etc...

A leaking inlet anywhere on a VW engine really makes a huge difference...
A good investment is an electronic ignition like pertronix....  so You set and forget... and never have to replace points again...
or the condensor which can also cause problems...

with the engine turned off, and the key turned on, can You change gears about 10+ times... by moving the gear shifter slightly forwards or backwards....??   there should be enough vacuum in the tank to do this at any time....

Now the gear shifter works by grounding out, when You move the shifter knob... so, the gearbox needs to be grounded with a ground strap which originally was at the nose of the gearbox - front gearbox mount... Make sure that is still there and still grounded... clean both ends etc.... or replace it.... otherwise the ground is the shaft from the gearshifter base to the gearbox.

oil everything that moves on the carburetor to stop any wear and to stop leaks...
have you checked the timing with a timing light or meter to see if it is correct...??? and not moving about...

Lee in Australia
40C degrees today  42C tomorrow... YIKES that is hot.... Lee   68Autobug

Technical / Re: Engine Thermostat - THERMOSTATS VERY RARE IN AUSTRALIA --
« Last post by 68autobug on 15 January 2019, 09:47  »
Hi again Cliff,
All thermostats were removed at the first service by VW mechanics , or at a later date , when one was found to be be still in the car. This was in Australia. As far as I know all air cooled engines came with a thermostat.... and they should all still have one...
but to VW Australia Policy was to remove them [from local VW trained VW mechanic - who used to adjust the thermostat so they wouldn't work] and throw them in the trash... so, they are very rare in Australia.... it seems that someone high up in Volkswagen Australasia thought that the engines would run  cooler if it didn't have a thermostat... Now in very high temperatures [like today 40C] having a thermostat would have little effect as the engine would get hot very fast anyway.... but in the winter when it can reach 0C degrees in parts of Australia, the thermostat would keep the engine at the same temperature.... so it would warm up very fast and stay warm regardless of the outside cold temperature....  so, without the thermostat, it would take longer to get to operating temperature, and may actually stay too cool.... because it would take longer to get to operating temperature means it would wear more than normal ------ as far as i know engines overseas kept their thermostats.... You can buy a new thermostat in the USA... CIP1 used to sell them. they are a new design... maybe from Brasil or Mexico.???

LEE in Australia

Technical / Re: Engine Thermostat
« Last post by Raymond73 on 14 January 2019, 23:34  »
Sorry for the misunderstanding. I would say that it most likely had a thermostat installed when it was new.

For example, take a look at the manual for your year.

On page 64 Technical data: Engine
"Air cooling by fan, thermostat controlled"

It's probably common that it was removed by someone. Is there a mounting stud on the bottom of the engine (or maybe a remnant of one)?
Technical / Re: Engine Thermostat
« Last post by cliffrun2 on 14 January 2019, 20:04  »
Thanks for the replied information, but I am asking if an engine without the thermostat is common for autostick cars/engines.  As I stated, this engine is the original and I don't see any indication of a modification.
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