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Technical / Re: Transmission and servo oil change
« Last post by eranha on 10 January 2022, 16:41  »
Ok guys found what I was looking for here
ATF cheers :P
Technical / Transmission and servo oil change
« Last post by eranha on 09 January 2022, 11:01  »
Hi All,
I would like to change my transmission oil on my 71 autoshift.
I don't have the draining plug, instead its the cover and the filing plug.
I bought the cover gasket, but before I will start working, few Q.

What is the servo oil canister under the right rear fender is? I know its used for the clutch.
if I drain the gear box oil will it drain this canister as well?
are those separate oil systems?
if yes, How to replace the oil in the canister and which oil to use?
Is there any filter to replace?
what gear box oil to use?

Can someone explain it top to bottom please :)
TX much,
Technical / new to group and vw shift issues
« Last post by rwhite on 11 December 2021, 06:57  »
 i recently bought a 1954 mg replica on a 1970 vw frame , when i purchased it the seller referred to having shifting problems . i bought it on the cheap knowing i can fix this issue however i am fast learning that vws are kind of fickle. to start with when i removed the shift rod it was a combination of tube rebar and a broken shifter bucket. i pieced all this together tocameup with a total length of 24.5 inches wich from my readings thus far is way short of the basic, i bought a new shift rod and coupler cut it to length and installed it . the gears are all there wnd run out well .however when i go to shift to reverse or 3-4 the pin in front of the shifter rolls out for lack of a better word. through basic geometry i figured i need to shorten the length to put more of an angle on the pin to in essence point it downward into the cup . having done this i got a good pattern but 1st and third fell off to grinding .i lengthened the rod 2 turns ,lost the grinding but gained the rool off back , i guess with this novel it comes down to this question. should i shorten the length nagain by either cutting anther half inch out of the rod or will something like an empe shifter clear up this problem?
Technical / Re: Epic fail: clutch
« Last post by Tom K. on 30 November 2021, 17:22  »
Problem solved. My clutch operating lever (swing arm) was way out of position. I corrected via instructions in Bentley Chapter 9 - Section 8.5 and with tips from Volkenstein.
Technical / Re: Epic fail: clutch
« Last post by Tom K. on 23 November 2021, 14:19  »
So I've been scouring these pages for added info. I had thought the adjustments on the clutch arm and servo area were for fine tuning.  Could a bad adjustment in this area lead to total failure in terms of separating the clutch from the pressure plate?  If so, then I had no idea the adjustment was so important and sensitive. Maybe that's my problem.
Technical / Re: Epic fail: clutch
« Last post by bhartwell59 on 23 November 2021, 01:23  »
You know the CV works... how about the servo? It was/is holding vacuum?

Sorry, not much help I'm afraid
Technical / Epic fail: clutch
« Last post by Tom K. on 23 November 2021, 00:37  »
Symptom: clutch will not disengage. Grinding gears every time I attempt to shift.

Diagnostics: went below the car and observed the servo pulling the clutch arm whenever the control valve circuit is closed (ran a wire from the control valve that I had under the car that I could ground). So the clutch actuating system looks fine.

History: I recently serviced and reassembled the clutch and bell housing. I had it all out and apart.

So, obviously I f***ed something up during the reassembly. I'll take it all out again, I guess.

I write only to ask if anyone might have gone down this same road before and might be able to teach me something. Thanks if you can.

It's a '71.
Technical / Re: clutch servo freeplay adjustment
« Last post by Checker on 20 November 2021, 15:15  »
Hello guys, did anybody ear about a Jockey Shifter for motorcycles ?
You just have to Google "Jockey Shifter"

I'm thinking of making myself one for my AS Bug.
Could be a fun technical challenge... not that complicated.

Mechanical clutch actuation on the shifter handle...
Technical / Re: DSE CDI kit
« Last post by busman on 18 October 2021, 06:50  »
Hi, no I'm in New Zealand, I've actually figured it out but if anyone has one of these CDIs they want to sell.......... Cheers
Technical / Re: DSE CDI kit
« Last post by volkenstein on 18 October 2021, 06:34  »
            DSE as in "Dick Smith Electronics"? I assume you are in Aus right, or from somewhere else?

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