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Vehicles / 1974 Beetle For Sale photos at this website
« Last post by 74vbug on 18 April 2021, 02:48  »
Sorry but I tried and assume that I am making a mistake somewhere and and cannot upload photos.  The system keeps telling me my pics are .jepg and will only upload .jpg.

However I have now listed it on the website and it is the only VW listed.   There are many photos.  I feel that the blue color is deeper than actually shows in the bright sun.  Also the ad should read that a separate (spare) Autostick trans is included.  Feel free to email me any questions at  So the pics are available at
Vehicles / 1974 Beetle For Sale
« Last post by 74vbug on 16 April 2021, 20:34  »
1974 Volkswagen Beetle Automatic Stickshift Transmission

Blue with gray interior
Body off pan restoration including new heater channels and floor pan panels
There are less than 1000 miles on the new Brazilian engine block.
Pertronix D182504 Ignitor II Electronic Ignition
Ceramic coated muffler
Optima Absorbed Glass Mat battery so it won't rot out the floor.
Added starter solenoid so no "hot start" problems
Canadian manufactured heavy duty Spectra Premium gas tank
New clutch
New carburetor

Crutchfield radio installed, proper fit for this dash
Heavy-duty billet aluminum running boards
California car cover
Lojack Anti-theft device

All new brake linings and master cylinder
New: C/V Constant Velocity  joints
New: Ignition switch, turn signal switch
Rust resistant Epoxy Painted Pan
Included is a used, spare Autostick Transmission.
$14,000. Will consider all offers.  More photos available.  email with any questions.
The car is in metro New York/New Jersey area.

Technical / Re: Trouble Shifting
« Last post by muirfollower on 13 April 2021, 22:31  »
Ok, thanks on the 34 pict vacuum port and the Control valve is the original, still has the little protective cap on top, screw measurement is about 2 & 1/2+ threads exposed on top.
Technical / Re: Trouble Shifting
« Last post by volkenstein on 13 April 2021, 09:21  »
                  At idle, the CV port should show next to nothing.   Check when engine is running off idle. 5 in/hg is all it takes to work the CV. Speaking of which - adjusted to spec? start point 2 1/2 threads exposed on the adjuster. You need to test your CV can hold 5 in/hg vacuum too.

You grind in reverse - you need to adjust the CV servo arm (that connects to the clutch arm) for freeplay. Sounds like you have too much. Search here and the OLD forum.

Technical / Re: ATF leak
« Last post by volkenstein on 13 April 2021, 09:12  »
             Engine seal? Common - just brand matters - Elring = good.

Technical / Re: Trouble Shifting
« Last post by muirfollower on 10 April 2021, 22:35  »
Thanks for all the help from everyone, I check the points clean them reset the gap, and did find out that the hose was completely loose on the canister underneath the car used to clamp on it to tighten it up and it's very secure before doing that check that it held a vacuum which it does finger over the spicket method. Still no dice as far as being able to get it in gear with the engine running. But.. I did notice that when I tried to put it in reverse with the engine running it grinds and I don't push the issue I just back off. The aftermarket carburetor that I drilled out for the port I noticed something with the engine running I hooked up a vacuum dial to it and it shows zero vacuum would this be considered normal?
Technical / Re: ATF leak
« Last post by busman on 10 April 2021, 12:36  »
Got the seal off without any drama, I'm about to order the new one and a rear main seal for the motor, I take it this is a common seal regardless of trans.
Technical / Re: ATF leak
« Last post by volkenstein on 07 April 2021, 03:23  »
             Not worth it unless you have heavy scoring on the TC neck where the seal resides.  I reckon is the one you are after.

Technical / Re: ATF leak
« Last post by busman on 05 April 2021, 09:19  »
Do you have a link to the video on removing the seal, I looked on you tube and couldn't find anything . Is it worth taking the torque converter to an auto transmission shop to get it checked or are they usually pretty bullet proof.
Technical / Re: Trouble Shifting
« Last post by volkenstein on 01 April 2021, 03:37  »
                 Make sure it is the re-inforced type. Search on posts here - common problem. Normal hose collapses. Also - check that the spigot itself is not loose. Happened on a vac can I bought second hand. Peined it and sealed it stopped the leak.

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