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Technical / Clutch takes long to disengage
« Last post by RedRat on 19 September 2021, 14:19  »
Hi ,

my 70 1300 AS has been a long time with me. Its near 100k now,got a new paintjob. Drivetrain is original. After checking the carb, readjusting the clutch, renewing all hoses all works like a charm....but only after a cold start.

After about 6 times of shifting were the clutch takes about 1 second to close ( with a hearable popoff sound) , the sound is gone and clutch takes about 5 to 10 seconds to close. I suspect that the Check valve in the control valve is the problem...

any hints ?


Technical / DSE CDI kit
« Last post by busman on 26 August 2021, 10:12  »
I have an old DSE CDI kit that I want to fit to my dub but no wiring diagram, can anyone help ?
Technical / Re: clutch servo freeplay adjustment
« Last post by 68autobug on 16 August 2021, 11:35  »
I actually made up two adjusters ,but I couldn't get them to work out the clutch... I had also taken the clutch arm off.... but some how it all works perfect... the clutch does need a bit of adjustment now & then.... but the clutch plate doesn;t really wear that much.. as the clutch is either in or out....

Lee in Australia
Technical / Re: Carb Question
« Last post by 68autobug on 16 August 2021, 11:31  »
Yes, the Autostick clutch will handle a1600 orevenlarger engine...I have heard of Autosticks being raced and Rallyed ..with larger engine, twin carburetors  etc...  just adjust the clutch servo adjuster on the left hand side of the gearbox [transaxle]..

Lee in Australia
Technical / Re: Carb Question
« Last post by on 12 August 2021, 02:27  »
Thanks your post is appreceiated.  I'm willing to get into the Bentley book and make whatever adjustments/replacements are necessary to stop the clutch slippage, but I just want to be sure the setup (carb, distributor and vacuum connections) are correct before I start ajusting anything.
Thanks again for your insight.
Technical / Re: Carb Question
« Last post by on 12 August 2021, 02:17  »
I continue to learn things as I go along.  This website and Samba have helped alot and I have found some additional documentation regarding work done by the previous owner.  I am now sure that the engine in my 69 AS Beetle is not original but a rebuild of the original with some performance modifications.  With that said I have confirmed it is a completely rebuilt single port, 1600 cc engine.  It has a EMPI stock 30pict-1 single port carburator and a stock vacuum advance distributor.  The carb has only one vacuum connection which goes to the distributor where a "T" connection also connects that vacuum line to the AS control servo.  The AS functions as it should with one exception, the clutch slips under load and the slippage seems to be inconsistent and not always predictible.  However, if I jump on it will slip very time.
Do I have a clutch adjustment/clutch replacement probem or a clutch control servo vacuum/adjustment problem? 
I'm still at wtits-end but would like to move forward and get the car performing properly while the weather is still good.
Thanks for whatever assistnce you can give me.
Technical / Re: Carb Question
« Last post by dreyes69buggy on 12 August 2021, 02:10  »
I’ve a 1600 and I have no slip in my clutch.  I think most likely you need to adjust the clutch free play.  There are instructions on this site as to how to adjust it at the servo.  It’s pretty easy.  One note that you should keep in mind is that the adjustment due to clutch wear at the linkage turnbuckle should be to extend the linkage length and that the side with the lock nut(short) and adjustment nut(long nut) is threaded opposite of normal.   I accidentally rounded the hex shape of the lock nut thinking it was normal.  In order to confirm clutch slip, put the car in forward 1 with the brake fully on and hold it.  Then hit the accelerator to reach stall torque converter engine speed.  If it cranks faster than about 2100 rpm, then you probably need to adjust the clutch.  There is a torque converter stall speed test procedure on here somewhere.  The best thing you can do is get yourself a Bentley manual for your bug and read it and apply the instructions.  That’s the best book I’d gotten for my AS beetle and has very much complimented all other instructions on this site and other instruction found otherwise.
You might also want to get another carby.  I have a Brazilian H30/31.  Works great and has the proper vacuum ports.  I have it paired to an cheap 034 svda distributor (empi) with electronic ignition by Pertronix and a Pertronix coil to match which works great.  Get those things straight since in the autostick world all those things have to work together.
Just work on your car and do your research and eventually you’ll be a compitent  owner mechanic.

Kindest regards.
Technical / Re: Carb Question
« Last post by on 12 August 2021, 01:20  »
Hey guys,
I really need some help here and I'm stuck without some knowledgable feedback.  Can anyone help me or at least point me in the right direction?  Thanks
Technical / Carb Question
« Last post by on 09 August 2021, 21:56  »
I'm beginning to understand the '69 AS I recently bought.  It's a beautiful car with a strong, modified engine with only one real problem, the clutch slips under load (hard acceleration going uphill, starting in high gear on a hill, etc).  My first thought was I need a new clutch.  In the process of trying to understand what that required I dug into the car and find the previous owner had a bus restoration shop rebuild the engine for more performance.  This included going to 1600 cc's, different cam, new carb,  new distributor with electronic control module.  I'm thinking they achieved more HP but may have compromised compatibility with AS.

The carb is an EMPI 30 P-1 with a single vacuum port.  That single vacuum port has a "T" and provides vacuum to both the distributor and the AS control unit.  I don't know much, but that doesn't seem right to me.  If it's not, what is my best solution? (replace carb, add second vacuum port to current carb, replace distrubutor, ??).

I believe the distributor is also an EMPI 009 with an electronic control module installed.

My goal is drivability and smooth AS operation.  I'm willing to do what's necessary to make that happen.  And if I need a new clutch I'll face that challange when I'm sure everything else is correct.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Technical / Re: Difference AB and AR engine?
« Last post by ebbingnl on 02 August 2021, 13:10  »
Thank you.
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