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Technical / Engine Upgrade
« Last post by olgunc on 19 March 2018, 12:45  »
Hi, I hope you are all well :)

I am planning to upgrade my engine of 1974 model autostick and I wonder your opinions,,,
First of all, my aim is to have more low-end power.

Currently, I run 1600 cc engine with 1.3 manifold and H30/31 carb with stock dished cam and crank

My plan is to have:
Stock dished cam and crank
1679 cc with AA 88mmx69 thick wall pist&cyl. (slip-in on engine side and machine in on cylinder heads side 90,5/92)
1,6 manifold
30 pict 2 carb or H30/31 Carb. I have both. Which one would you prefer?
Accuspark SVDA electronic ignition,
Vw 2 tip gt exhaust system with j tubes.

Any ideas are welcome;
Thanks in advance,

2 / Re: Feedback, comments and suggestions.
« Last post by fightclub on 15 March 2018, 02:27  »
New guy here:

I think there may be a problem with the registration process.  It took me OVER a year to get registered here.  Everytime I tried to use my email address, it would throw an error (no specific error code).   sb001 was nice enough to aid me in registering.  He used his email address to register my username.  It worked!  Then i was able to login and change the email address from his to mine.  What the heck?!?!   I tried registering with a address.  I dont know if there is some glitch Im not aware of or there is an unknown glitch in the system (i tried ios, different browers, changing my user agent, the whole 9).  Anways, im happy to be here.

'70 AS.  Runs great.

Technical / Re: Torque converter
« Last post by sb001 on 13 March 2018, 22:28  »
Interesting- my original 69 1500cc torque converter was 001 323 571 B !  :D
When I changed it a few years ago, the one I got was also "C".  Reading back in some of my posts over on the samba about that, it seems that the spigot on the new "C" torque converter had a bit of trouble engaging with the gland nut (just a hair too big.) I apparently sanded the spigot down just a bit, although I don't remember doing it! So check that before putting everything back together--otherwise I have been using this "C" torque converter for about 5 years now with zero problems.
General / Re: Introduction
« Last post by sb001 on 13 March 2018, 22:04  »
Welcome Paul! Let us know if you have any questions about the autostick (or semi-automatic, or "automatic stick shift.")  ;)
Lots of folks here willing to lend a hand!
Technical / Torque converter
« Last post by paulheger on 12 March 2018, 07:28  »
Hi Guys,
I just removed the engine from my 1969-1500 autostick and was a bit surprised that the part no of my torque converter ended with an A. I found a German article on semi automatics stating that:
 ET-Nr.  001 323 571 A = 1300 cm³
 ET-Nr.  001 323 571 C = 1500/1600 cm³

I am fitting a rebuild 1500 engine, is it smart to look for an other torque converter (C-type)?


Technical / Re: Have you ever tried to push-start your autostick?
« Last post by tmea on 10 March 2018, 18:37  »
A couple of guys pushing could probably do it. I didn’t try doing it below 10 mph. Maybe someone could give it a try to see the lowest speed the TC would turn the engine over.
General / Introduction
« Last post by paulheger on 09 March 2018, 15:06  »
Hi All,
I'm Paul from Belgium, driving a 1969 convertible 1500 autostick.
I've been reading a while here to learn for my car, as the autosticks (semi automatics called here) are quite rare, so no local knowledge to find.

The previous owner put in a 1600 (AS code) engine. I'm putting a 1500 back in this spring.
Technical Information / Re: Now she is jumping out of 1st gear.
« Last post by sb001 on 25 February 2018, 07:32  »
I realize this is an old thread but I'll pitch in here and say I had this EXACT issue years ago, every time I put it in 1st gear (Drive 1) it would engage, BUT as soon as hit the gas it would pop right out back into neutral. I discovered that if I actually held the stick in the 1st gear position with my hand until I got going a bit, it would stay in gear-- but even that didn't work anymore after a while. I didn't know anything about the workings of the autostick back then like I do now, if I had there are a few things I would have checked like the clutch arm adjustment, the shifter contacts, etc. As it stands I happened to have a spare tranny so I just had a mechanic swap that in for me instead.

I know this isn't what the OP would want to hear but it would actually make me feel better now if I found out that it was indeed something internal to the transmission, and all those things I didn't know to check back then wouldn't have helped.  ;D
Parts / Re:
« Last post by Legacy on 24 February 2018, 14:20  »
I can certainly recommend this site as a source of parts.  I've gotten parts and a lot of great advice from

Parts / Re: WANTED: Distributor VW 113 905 205AA or Bosch 0231 115 078
« Last post by Legacy on 24 February 2018, 14:16  »
Thanks much for the suggestion.
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