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Technical / Flex plate nut stripped?
« Last post by BigSky on Today at 02:18 »
Hi. I've come here many times over the past year or so but have never posted...

I have a 74 Ghia with an Autostick. I bought the car a couple of years ago. My wife has always wanted a Ghia, and we found this one fairly rust-free.  I've owned several air-cooled VWs but never an Autostick. I have to confess I knew nothing about them. The engine was running hot when we bought it (we did get a deal), and I believed it was ready to drop a valve, so I deeded to rebuild the engine... that was over two years ago.

I've finally got the engine back in and was ready to install the flex plate bolts. I've read about getting these tight enough, so I was using my torque wrench set to 18ft/lbs. Well I'm wrenching, wrenching, wrenching... seems to be getting tighter, but my tourque wrench hasn't clicked, so I keep turning... then the bolt gets loose... noooooooooo! First I thought I broke the bolt, but I was able to screw it back out. It seems as though the threads are stripped... grrrrrrrrrr... so my question is... is there any likelihood I could tap the flex plate bolt and clean up the threads enough so the bolt will hold, or am I better off pulling the engine and finding a new flex plate? I'm at a loss.

I'll add that the place that built my longblock put a manual glandnut on the flexplate, which I didn't notice/discover until after spending several hours trying to get then engine in. I've now pulled the engine and remove the flex plate two times, so I'm not looking forward to a third.

I should also say that I realized my bell housing was kind of chewed up with a deep grove, which leads me to think maybe one of the bolts came off in the past. I actually found one when I was cleaning off the transmission.

Thanks in advance!

Technical / Re: Another Vacuum Leak Fixed
« Last post by tmea on 28 September 2020, 21:35  »
It is not normal. If I understand your terminology, I suspect your vacuum control valve is leaking from somewhere inside. If you plug both the manifold vacuum hose and the vacuum line coming from the carburator and the engine runs well your vacuum control valve has a leak somewhere. I posted some pics on this forum indicating where my leaks were.

Technical / Re: Strange noise - any ideas
« Last post by folkswagon on 24 September 2020, 21:35  »
Finally tracked down the likely culprit :D

Volkenstein was spot on in guess #4/5, with the main shaft bearing being pitted. Very obvious once the nose cap was removed so Iím currently building up a new transmission from the best bits of the two.

Upper right pic and lower right pic show the pitted and perfect versions of the bearing on each box -

Technical / Re: Another Vacuum Leak Fixed
« Last post by bhartwell59 on 24 September 2020, 19:46  »
Adding to this older thread

In trying to track down a possible vac leak (cold start erratic idle) via the control valve I did what tmea has done (spraying carb cleaner around hoses, the CV, intake manny port). No change in revs... still idles on the choppy side.

For grins, I decided to pinch off the hose between the intake manny port and the CV and found the car revved higher and smoothed out. Is this normal? Or did I just find my vac leak?

Thanks all!

Technical / Re: clutch plate dimensions
« Last post by 68autobug on 24 September 2020, 04:35  »
I would say the 8.49mm thick plate would be the newer one.... and the better one to use...

Lee 68autobug

Technical / Re: clutch plate dimensions
« Last post by folkswagon on 23 September 2020, 14:04  »
Not seen this thread before but was searching for clutch plate thickness!

Anyway I may be too late to help and hope all are well from the effects of the current UK government (Brexit or COVID management, both dire!).

Iíve used the lockdown to try and get my 1968 semi-auto back on the road, and this includes trying to trace a transmission noise. Iím lucky enough to have a full spare transmission (sorry, none of it is for sale) but Iíve measured the clutch plate thickness in both and hereís a pic too -

The top plate is a refurbished plate (looks pretty new) from Brazil by AMORTEX SA, under license from F&S, and is 8.49mm thick in total. The lower is an original F&S from my car (family owned from new) so represents just under 90k miles and 7.50mm thick

Both transmissions are currently on the bench in the garage so feel free to ask questions, request measurements, pics etc  :)

Technical / Re: 34-3 PICT Rebuild
« Last post by LA Irish on 14 September 2020, 22:25  »
Thanks!  I did track Tim down.  Will be sending my carb out to him shortly! 
Technical / Re: 34-3 PICT Rebuild
« Last post by volkenstein on 08 September 2020, 08:13  »
Hmmm..not on this board that I remember - Tim @ volksbitz on TheSamba? Go over there - LancasterJim is getting a refurbed A/S 34 Pict 3 off someone.


Spotted on eBay / Autostick Trans and related parts
« Last post by LA Irish on 05 September 2020, 00:11  »
All OK here thanks, unfortunately our government is a joke.
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