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Parts / Re: Sources for AutoStick Parts
« Last post by volkenstein on 19 April 2017, 04:42  »
     A few US brethren have found that Belmetric have stopped stocking/selling the RH12W hose (reinforced vacuum hose). So - that leaves Type 2 brake booster hose or Merc/BMW brake booster hose as acceptable alternatives. Or if you can find any shop selling this Continental brand hosing - post up...

Technical / Re: Weak idle after driving in town for 30+ minutes
« Last post by bhartwell59 on 18 April 2017, 16:09  »
I'm claiming victory over my weak idle issues! 

Per tmea's advice clearing the heat risers was the way to go... and threw on some new silicone boots too.
Technical / Re: New to autostick can't select any gears
« Last post by vert1 on 17 April 2017, 05:39  »
It wasn't the handbrake, all wheel cycls frozen from sitting as well as front hoses blocked.
I can select any gear just fine without issue but sometimes I get a grind in reverse hence I select low 1 then in to reverse and never grind.
Yes the gear selector springs back and no shifter bush rattle so all seems well.
Thanks Volkenstein-

so my question now is, why does the wire from the shifter have to go through the neutral safety switch at all then?
If whether or not the safety switch allows power through to the starter is determined simply  by its physical position on the rail, why can't the wire from the shifter just go straight to the control valve?
     Think of it "in reverse". Only in neutral is the starter circuit completed. The switch is like a "T" internally. The bottom point holds the horizontal section up when not in neutral and off the contact surface just underneath that horizontal part.

Well, I have bled the rear brakes and NO air bubbles at all. Pumped out about 100mils on each side. I now have a lot of brake pedal pressure but I haven't driven the car. I am going to order a master cylinder kit and go from there.

Hi  [and Hi to Sean]
Yes, when I first restored My 1968 autostick beetle, I forgot that it couldn't be started in gear!!!! So, I used to use the VW jack and jack up the RHS so I could fit under the engine and with the ignition key on I would short out the two large threaded connections on the starter motor with a large screw driver. This even happened at a car show, so I waited until most cars/people had gone before I started the engine. This is also very dangerous as the car was in gear and wanted to move... Luckily I realised what was happening. Really, I should have started it in neutral anyway so I wouldn't be run over....
I was always going to put a switch in the car so I could short out the neutral switch. You can just pull the wires off the terminals and short them out with a paper clip etc.... but You are going to a lot of trouble..
cheers from Australia

LEE    68autobug

Technical / Re: New to autostick can't select any gears
« Last post by 68autobug on 16 April 2017, 15:32  »
Great News
I don't know why the semi auto hand brakes stick on, when they are identical to manual hand brakes and they do NOT have that problem... Mine does it now & then although it isn't driven much in the summer months. You shouldn't have to select LOW or REVERSE before the other gears. Maybe the clutch adjuster needs a slight adjustment again. [or something else needs adjusting] The nylon bushing below the rear bolt on the bottom of the gearshifter should have been replaced by now [at least once] I actually do use LOW gear all the time. I can beat most cars off the line at traffic
Is Your gear shifter spring loaded so when You put the gear shifter in neutral and push it to the left does it spring back over to the RHS? Have all the vacuum hoses been replaced?  anyway best of luck driving Your autostick .

Lee in Australia
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