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Technical / Re: It starts, but doesnít want to shift into gear.
« Last post by rayar3 on Today at 04:32 »
Itís been a cold winter, but today warmed up enough to roll the car out, start it, and start back with the diagnostics. The last thing I changed was the dvda can for the tune up so I reconnected the vac lines. I also added 5 gallons of fresh gas (non-ethonol). Got it started, ran rough until the fresh gas took hold. Idle picked up nicely where the old broken vac can left a lag and a low, lumpy idle. Then, PFM. Slipped smoothly into gears. All of them. Like it was happy spring had arrived. Drove it up and down the street with minimal brakes. I was too excited! Unchained Melody was on the Sapphire AM radio. Thank you, Patrick Swayze.


Iíll take it as a win.
Technical / Re: clutch plate dimensions
« Last post by Speedsterautoshift on 19 March 2019, 19:41  »
Right.  The clutch has now reached the reliners and the bloke rang me today for a chat.  He says he has done "a bit of digging" and he has found a reference to a Fichtel & Sachs cltuch with linings 2.8 mm thick. He was unable to find an application and of course it had been discontinued. But we think this may well be the thing we needed to find.

So, this would give me an overall thickness between 8 and 8.5 mm, which looks ideal.

It will be a while as he has to keep sending it from Cleckheaton to their other workshop in Telford and then back, in order to make this, but we are going with it.
I'll keep you posted but we do now seem to be singing from the same hymn-sheet.
Technical / Re: clutch plate dimensions
« Last post by Speedsterautoshift on 19 March 2019, 12:58  »
Tom, and all, on talking to the clutch reliners yesterday I learnt that this type of clutch-plate is called a "fin" plate and the idea of the spring fins on which the lining material is mounted, is to ensure the clutch-plate makes even contact with the torque converter and the pressure plate.

Having thought about it, I would imagine a flywheel is much more solidly mounted to the rest of the crankshaft than a torque converter. By its very nature and the fact that it moves independently of the crank, via the fluid, there is more likely to be a bit of play, albeit it tiny, which could necessitate a way of distributing the clutch forces evenly across it, as well as ensuring the same thing with the pressure plate.

I am at the point now of thinking "how interesting" rather than "how annoying". Maybe you will be sharing my feelings!
Parts / Re: Sources for AutoStick Parts
« Last post by Tom K. on 18 March 2019, 23:22  »
I just went through this entire thread to find that many of the links are now dead or the part is no longer available.  Here is what I have learned recently.

1] EVWParts is still carrying many Autostick parts at premium prices.  Frankly, I don't blame them for charging more and, in the end, expensive parts are better than no parts.

2] The transmission gasket is becoming harder to find.  CIP1 sited above no longer has it.  sb001 has suggested FCPEuro at an *amazing* price of about $2.50.  I recently ordered 5 and received this reply today:   
Thank you for your recent order. The Oil Pan Gasket you have requested is currently only available in a quantity of 1. Would you like us to proceed with sending you the one unit or will you need to make alternative arrangements in light of this situation? We apologize fir the inconvenience on this matter.

Kind regards, Dan

I obviously bought the one unit. I emailed back to learn if more are coming in, and they said not that they know of but to check back.  When this arrives, I'm going to sketch it and try to cut one out of gasket paper.

3] Vacuum hoses: I went this option:  A Samba member has used it successfully and recommended it to me on my active refresh thread over on Samba.

4] There are still many boneyard dealers in the United States.  These people sometimes don't use internet or even email.  They will have autostick parts because over the years people have converted to manuals meaning more supply of autostick parts and less demand.  I called a guy in PA, and he quoted a price of $40 for a "used but in good shape" clutch plate.  I asked him what else he has, and he said to just to mail him (as, like, with a stamp) a full list of what I need, and he will call me.  Once these folks get on the internet, then they know what is going on and prices rise.  So talk to your local veteran non-VW mechanics, they know where all the VW yards are located. Some have moved on, but some are still there.

Technical / Re: clutch plate dimensions
« Last post by Tom K. on 18 March 2019, 22:56  »
Good idea - that clutch you have looks (and measures) too thick to me. 
Parts / Re: desperately seeking a clutch plate
« Last post by Speedsterautoshift on 18 March 2019, 02:02  »
Hi Volkenstein,
It occurred to me, as it should have done to the reliners, that the less worn side would have been a good place to go to to determine the likely thickness of new linings, as, as you say, they tend not to wear much usually, and they are definitely lined to the same thickness on both sides, it is just that one side tends to wear more than the other.

I wish to God that the reliners had had the sense to do just that.  would have saved a lot of time, trouble and expense, (we are dreading the bill for removing and replacing engine twice and gearbox once from our "special".)

All the Best

Technical / Re: clutch plate dimensions
« Last post by Speedsterautoshift on 18 March 2019, 01:53  »
Since last post, Volkenstein, who has been moving house, has just got back in touch and has measured his clutch disc.  You can see it all if you look on the parts for sale forum under "desperately seeking a clutch disc".

I am taking his advice into account and will recontact the clutch reliners with a slight mod to the order, namely to go for 2.6 mm per side as opposed to the 2.5 mm mentioned originally. Even 2.7 mm would probably be OK.

Anyway, we will see.

All the best

Parts / Re: desperately seeking a clutch plate
« Last post by Speedsterautoshift on 18 March 2019, 01:45  »
Hi Volks

It having been removed Friday I have been able to measure it.  The overall total uncompressed thickness of the relined clutch is 9.14 mm. The friction material is 3.2 mm each side, so maths tell me the plate minus friction material is 2.74 mm. Bearing in mind that this includes an air gap this is interesting in itself. Overall thickness is 8.3 mm compressed by a clamp. so the air gap is .84 mm, and metal thickness is 1.9 so I guess there is possibly some slight error here (clamp over-compressing the spring plates compared to what would happen on the car perhaps), as I expect the thin plates of metal that make up the two leaves are 1 mm each, which would make more sense.

So it has been sent off, or will be sent off by a mate who has a delivery franchise tomorrow. I have told the relining company to reduce the thickness of the friction material to 2.5 mm.  This will get overall thickness down to 7.74 mm, which will leave it slightly thicker than your worn one but a fraction thinner than the 8 - 8.5 overall figure you mention.  That could be OK, I think, but I'll ring them first thing tomorrow, before the box arrives, and tell them to aim for 8.0 mm overall. I think 2.6 may be a titchy bit better than 2.5 per side.

You'll see longer messages and a number of images if you go back to the technical forum where I have been posting lots as have others.

Interestingly, when it was first removed one side had worn and been contaminated but the other side seemed pristine. so similar to the one you have.

So thanks muchly for the effort, especially doing it in the middle of a house move. Heroic!

I know what you mean about trying to find stuff in boxes. House moving is a major pain, and you find stuff goes missing and then you find stuff you never even looked at since the last time you moved house.  Don't know how often you move house where you live, but we tend to do it quite often and I have done it 6 times in fourteen years, over 2 marriages, not to mention furnishing our new place in France from scratch, in that case transporting everything the distance from the UK to south west France in a large trailer over a period of a few years.

Best of luck with it all and thanks again.
I'll keep you posted.

Parts / Re: desperately seeking a clutch plate
« Last post by volkenstein on 18 March 2019, 00:56  »
               My decidedly second hand plate measures 7 mm overall. One face is worn more than the other. This particular one, someone jammed it into
a 1300 TP manual. 8mm - 8.50 overall (including slight spring seperation) is good. Mike (Bookwus - RIP), Lee(68Autobug) and I discovered this years ago when we were comparing clutch
plate thicknesses. We found that a plate barely wore from new.

My crap is still in boxes so I measured with an eyeball and ruler.

Let me know if you need much more precision - I will have to find the box with calipers etc.

Technical / Re: clutch plate dimensions
« Last post by sb001 on 17 March 2019, 10:58  »
Yep I understand what you mean now, those pics helped a lot. I initially thought you meant the "leaf" springs were around the edge on the surface of the disc but they are within the rim of the disc. Very unique. I guess all of the autostick clutch discs are that way, and I just couldn't see it from the angles the stock photos were taken by vendors selling them.
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