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General / stock solex 34pict 3 carb.
« Last post by Tucker72 on 03 April 2020, 17:10  »
I've been trying to find a carb for my 72 beetle autostick......the one I have has 2 lines coming out of the front, 1 goes to the solenoid, and the other to the vacuum release...........any suggestions ?  TY be safe
General / Re: Stay safe and lets all get thru this
« Last post by Dave on 03 April 2020, 14:18  »
I too am a key worker, waiting for this horrible mess to clear.

Sunny day Sunday, roll on!
General / Stay safe and lets all get thru this
« Last post by The Keszthely Kid on 03 April 2020, 13:34  »
Fellow 2-Peddlers of the Flat 4 Faith,

 Each every one of us are facing a terrible crisis around the world. Naturally our families and friends come first, ( OK so I have no wife n kids myself so my semi-auto '73 KG Coupe IS my family I suppose but you get my drift ).
 Holiday plans are cancelled and so are visiting friends as unnecessary journeys are to help stop spread of this horrid virus.
Sadly my favorite VW shows have had to be cancelled or deferred too  :(

Here in the UK I am a local government officer and classed as a Key-worker, helping to keep society going through these tough times. I drive to work in my trusty Skoda Octavia kombi but on Drive-it day (Plus one!), Monday April 27th I  may well drive my automatic Karmann Ghia to work to blow the 'Winter Cob-webs away' after being laid up over winter.
 I carry papers signed by our CEO that if I am stopped by the police or army I am safe to proceed to my job rather than be fined and possibly arrested  ???

When I purchased 'Tango' as I christened her, her vendor described her as a 'Survivor'. She is and so are we.

This grim reality will pass and we will return back to enjoying some serious 2 pedal driving . some sunny day 8)

Technical / Re: How to replace the transmission oil
« Last post by 68autobug on 31 March 2020, 09:31  »
VW IN THE USA  ..  Actually has a service bulletin that says if You keep Your Volkswagen in storage for the winter.... always refill the gearbox with NO EP Gearbox  ..  or even engine oil..??  while the car is NOT being Used....

Lee in Australia....
Technical / Re: Random lost power
« Last post by 68autobug on 31 March 2020, 09:27  »
Odd problem there..... Could be  vacuum or carburetor.... and fuel problem.... but not every time.... This can be difficult to find when it an intermittant problem..  Have You checked it if doesn't do this with the air cleaner OFF???   and does it work OK when you press the accelerator ?? rev up OK ??
The accelerator cable is at the correct position.... with the carburetor at idle  [choke not on] ..??

Lee in Australia...
Technical / Re: Rebuild transmission or not?
« Last post by 68autobug on 31 March 2020, 09:21  »
The auto stick transmission is an excellent made piece of machinery....  You can have problems with brass bushes in the transmission but other that the seals it is usually OK....   You usually replace the torque converter seal every time You remove the engine so long as some time has passed...  as I believe the TC seal goes hard and works OK, but once the engine is moved... the Torque converter seal is moved and leaks.....

Lee in Australia..
Technical / Re: Issue with Idling and another issue with driving
« Last post by 68autobug on 31 March 2020, 09:17  »
Yes, don't have it too sensitive ... there is a spring under the oval plate under the rear seat that pulls the gear shifter to the RHS... plus when You move the gear knob to the left or right nothing should happen..... so that if Your knee knocks the gear shift to one side.... nothing should happen....
the contacts only should work in a forward & backwards motion....
Now Your problem seem to be ; firstly never ever leave Your hand on the gear lever... as if You move it forwards or backwards the contacts will operate the control valve and the clutch....  so try to move your gear lever to the RHS & LHS and the contacts should NOT activate at all.... ONLY FORWARDS & BACKWARDS....  it seems your setting it too close.... so it is cutting in & out..???

Lee in Australia...
You cannot really refill the ATF Tank with the engine running, as it will come out once You take the cap off.... Needs to refilled with the dipstick out....
I hope You lubricated the TC Seal with some ATF....  Once all assembled the Torque converter should be OK... once it has ATF in it to lubricate it etc....
Best of luck

Lee in Australia

Technical / Issue with Idling and another issue with driving
« Last post by FinefrockD on 27 March 2020, 22:24  »
I have 2 issues with my 1974 VW Auto Beetle.

1) I have started to experience an issue with idling. Motor turns over but the motor does not stay idling. I can give it some throttle and it ramps up but as soon as I release the petal it will not idle. Any recommendations are more than welcome.

2) Before issue 1 arose, my father and I were working on the tail lights to get them working proper. After we worked on them we hoped in and were going to run it around the neighborhood. I could shift no problem but it seemed like the vehicle would not stay in gear and it would lunge. At this moment the only issue I can come up with is when I replaced my grounding cap inside the stick shift, I set the spacing pretty sensitive, could this be causing my issue. Meaning because my spacing is very sensitive and with a stick shift you usually keep your hand on the shifter, that would make my clutch engaged could that cause the lunging because its not locking into gear?

Thank you to all who reply
Hi, No, I am in a small town, and there were not any fires close by...  there were fires about 40 klms from here in many directions.
The smoke from the many BUSH FIRES in this state was everywhere.  The hills behind Me had disappeared for many days at a time. It was worse down in the Cities.

I still haven't sold My Beetle. I have had medical issues and I have NOT driven My beetle  since december 2018.   I will be able to drive it shortly, and with the cooler temperatures that have arrived already.... 28c top at the moment... down to 10c at night... I will be able to drive My beetle around until the end of winter etc...
I do have to bleed the brakes and replace a CV joint BOOT on the rear axle too... I also have a cracked windscreen and I have bought a new windscreen but I will leave the old one in for as long as I can...  Cheers

Lee in Australia....
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