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Technical / Re: And after all that effort ...
Last post by sb001 - 06 September 2022, 17:57
^^ My guess as well- loose connection down there somewhere.
Be careful when attempting to remove- they apparently are fairly easy to wrench in half!

Pictures / Re: Our 74 Karmann Ghia Autost...
Last post by BigSky - 01 September 2022, 05:08
Engine photo...
Pictures / Our 74 Karmann Ghia Autostick
Last post by BigSky - 01 September 2022, 05:06
Hello -

We've owned our Ghia about 4 years now. In that time I've rebuilt the engine. This site was a big help in getting the car moving, literally... after much angst I finally figured out the clutch was stuck from sitting! I replaced all of the hoses, servo bladder, and went through all of the electrical in the process. I'm now in the middle of a total rear brake overhaul, wheel bearing and cv service.

I appreciate the knowledge and kind folks on this site.
Technical / Axle Flange
Last post by BigSky - 01 September 2022, 04:42
When performing a cv service I discovered that a couple of the bolts were only finger tight. They were all missing the serrated lock washers. When cleaning up I noticed one of the axle flanges was bunged up on the outside lip. A couple of the bolt holes look a little rounded out too, but a bolt still threads in ok. I'm thinking I should just find a replacement though.

Is an Autostick flange the same as a manual. I'm assuming so. I may just go ahead and replace the axle flange oil seals as well. Is it necessary to drain the gearbox to do this? Thanks in advance.

Technical / Re: And after all that effort ...
Last post by Raymond73 - 29 August 2022, 03:27
Glad to hear that it's at least partially working. Some progress is better than none at all.

You should be able to remove the safety switch without removing the engine and transmission. It's definitely a tight fit on a Beetle, so I can only imagine it's more difficult in a Ghia. It's interesting that you are able to get it started by squeezing the wires on the switch. I am wondering if the spade connectors are simply loose on the terminals or if you have some mild corrosion.
Technical / Re: And after all that effort ...
Last post by The Keszthely Kid - 28 August 2022, 16:43
Afternoon All,

 There is some good news, Thank you for all the suggestions. Yesterday I jacked my '73 KG coupe upon axle stands and had a good 'fondle' of the gear-box switch for the possible solution. I cannot see the switch but with fingers I could deftly grope around it. The wires are shrouded and after I gently squeezed the shrouded wires I attempted to start her up.
And indeed she eventually fired right up after the carb' bowl had fill with fuel after a 2 month hiatus. A brief test run up and down my drive and all appeared well.
So the gear-box switch or wiring is suspect. Can I remove it without removing the whole gearbox? A friend of a friend has a workshop with a car hoist so I wonder if I could give some serious attention to the problem with the car safely raised above my head.
This afternoon I reversed her out of the garage and cleaned up the interior and give her a good wash. After leathering her off a trip to the supermarket bottle bank a couple of miles away was in order. Loaded up with empties I got in, turned the key and .. Nothing! A quick ' Get out and get under' and I could just reach the switch with my long arm underneath and my fingers just touching the wiring :P . And behold she started with ease.
All comments and suggestions are welcome and to clarify to my VWAR colleague bhartwell59, That is indeed what I meant, electrical contact point. 
Technical / Re: And after all that effort ...
Last post by bhartwell59 - 25 August 2022, 14:34
When you say "the gear-stick sensor" do you mean the electrical contact points (brass plug/head with the blue wire that goes toward the engine) that reside right beneath the stick?
Technical / Re: And after all that effort ...
Last post by Raymond73 - 25 August 2022, 03:10
Did you check the neutral safety switch on the transmission nose? If it is has gone bad, or is not activated when in neutral, the starter won't turn over the engine.

How about the shift rod coupling bushing under the back seat? If you have a lot of slop, your shifter stop plate adjustment may not be correct and it may not be activating the neutral safety switch.   
Technical / And after all that effort she ...
Last post by The Keszthely Kid - 14 August 2022, 09:31
My 1973 Karmann Ghia Coupe has been a beacon of reliability until June when she developed starting problems. Refusing to start as if she was in gear was the issue. A few 'jiggles' of the gear-stick and she would eventually start right up. However even this began to fail as a quick fix.
Looking at other comments on it would appear the gear-stick sensor was failing so a new one was ordered from the USA along with a NOS Gear-stick gaiter from Germany. Yesterday I fitted the new sensor, (the old one had worked loose from the wire), and after setting up as per Bentley's VW manual she still refuses to start >:(
Is there anything I can check that I may have overlooked?
Could there be another fault somewhere in the system?

All help and moral support would be very much appreciated :)
Many Thanks
Technical Information / 70 Autostick
Last post by Originalz - 28 June 2022, 06:21
So I had a running 70. Please let me fill you in and get you up to speed.
Please be gentle, I'm pretty newb.

Welp, after cruising in this bug for about 2 weeks symptoms noticeably got worse and then bad. :P

So I'm assuming that hearing the "goose call" from the clutch is tell-tale of a bad diaphragm. That also points to it possibly not staying in 2nd gear when accelerating.
All that aside, over the last week after shifting to reverse or in gear she started shifting hard. As in jerking. Finally this last Saturday after backing into the street, she decided she was done.
It no longer will shift. The clutch will not disengage when the car is on. It will grind at reverse but not in the other gears. Also noticed that when applying pressure to the stick the engine wants to stall out. I tore apart the stick and went through the contact and wires, fuse to Control Valve, and connections to it. Hoses have been replaced and we can hear the control valve witching when the car is off and gears are engaged. Until I can get it in the air I cant inspect the vac tank or clutch itself.
I am sad...