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Technical / Re: Another Vacuum Leak Fixed
« Last post by Checker on 15 November 2020, 23:04  »
I didn't think I would write on this discussion before spring 2021 but I managed to move one step more in the troubleshooting by taking advantage of last weeks "heat wave" to reach the underneath of the Bug.

I removed the Servo actuator, did a bench check by blocking the vacuum hose port while trying to move the actuating rod, can't move it either way. Moves fine with the port opened allowing air to go in and out.

The pin that attaches the Servo rod to the Clutch arm was very hard to remove, rusty. I will clean everything up, put it ready for re-installation in spring. The servo looks original, not having this aftermarket clamp on it.

Volkenstein, would you replace the servo diaphragm anyway or not ?

Do you think that my loose wire to the Valve's solenoid could have been the problem ?

Would you check anything else before actually trying the car again ?


Parts / VW 184 flex plate tool
« Last post by Raymond73 on 13 November 2020, 02:54  »
Parts / Re: New Clutch Disc
« Last post by BUgsy71 on 12 November 2020, 16:48  » but they’re $250 for a new one $140 for rebuilt.
Technical / Re: Another Vacuum Leak Fixed
« Last post by Checker on 02 November 2020, 02:48  »

Thanks, that will be checked in a few months from now obviously since I cannot acces the underneeth of the car for the winter.

Take care all, with this pandemic, I will keep on reading you guys throughout winter and I'm already looking forward to April to continue my troubleshooting...

I will keep you guys posted as everyone benefits from the other's experience on a forum like this one.

Happy 2021 to everyone !
Technical / Re: Another Vacuum Leak Fixed
« Last post by volkenstein on 02 November 2020, 01:17  »
           Clutch servo check now. Your CV is functioning just fine.

Technical / Re: Another Vacuum Leak Fixed
« Last post by Checker on 01 November 2020, 17:16  »

Being in Eastern Canada, my Bug is stored for the winter and the only access I have to, is the engine compartment

Following your tips, first thing I just did today is a vacuum check with my Mityvac, I unplugged the small hose from the Carburator and did the check from there, the vacuum is perfectly held at 5 and 10 Hg, absolutly no leakage. I re-checked my solenoid with a little 9V battery and confirmed I hear a click when powered.

Being the kinda guy that goes by the say: "if it aint broken, don't fix it !", I'm not tempted to take appart that control valve anymore.

I systematically replaced all the vacuum hoses last year, so those are all new.

I checked my electrical connection at the CV and the 8A fuse. Fuse is ok but the wire that goes from that fuse to the CV terminal had it's connector kinda loose and dirty. I cleaned it off and re-crimped it, now is tight.

I can't check much more than that until spring. Don't know if that loose connector could have been the problem.

From there, what do you think ? I my problem is still present, what would you target next ?

Technical / Re: Another Vacuum Leak Fixed
« Last post by volkenstein on 29 October 2020, 23:24  »
           Most of my attempts at repairing a CV were documented but all the photos associated were with mostly lost. If your solenoid clicks - that is good. Don't rip that section apart - just have a look in the spigot where manifold vacuum enters - and see if the spring and sealing valve are correctly positioned. One of my CV's had the spring twisted and the flapper valve was sideways as a result. Judicious poking got it oriented correctly.

The part you are having troubles with has four screws locating the top cover. Remove them and then very gently you can extract the innards which consist of a dished cup which is inside of the piece of large diameter rubber which has been exposed by removing the cover. Go really careful here as the other end of that diaphragm is VERY thin rubber. Use eyeballs and a torch to see if that thin rubber bit has any holes/tears.

You can also remove the brass spigot & washer and clean 'em up.

Technical / Re: Another Vacuum Leak Fixed
« Last post by Checker on 29 October 2020, 16:01  »
Yes I do have that tool to bleed my brakes... I will certainly do that test, thanks.

I checked my solenoid and I can ear a click when powered so that should be fine... the fact that my problem appeared suddenly along with a change in Idle rpm / behavior leads me to a vacuum problem... I also checked and readjusted my shifter lever switch / gap because I found the shifter lever was quite easy to turn.. suspected too big of a gap adjustment...

This is going to be a step by step trouble shooting but you guys provide good tips to put a newbie like in the right direction !

Thanks again
Technical / Re: Another Vacuum Leak Fixed
« Last post by volkenstein on 29 October 2020, 12:58  »
           Nope. Unobtanium. Get a working second hand one that holds vacuum (ask for proof!!!) and the solenoid works. Got a mityvac thing handy? The hose from carb to CV needs to hold 5" Hg vacuum. Don't trust the hose? Pull it off the CV and get the mityvac onto the brass spigot.

Technical / Re: Another Vacuum Leak Fixed
« Last post by Checker on 29 October 2020, 02:46  »
I guys, after reading this topic, I think I might have found my problem, for sure I will at least take appart my CV and check it out.
My little Bug ran fine the whole summer when about two weeks from now, at the end of the "classic cars season", no vacuum sound from the CV as the ignition was turned on, I started the car, the idle was different, higher revs, could not engage the transmission as if the clutch was not working.

BTW, my 1970 Bug is original so everything made of rubber that I touch, needs replacement.

I guess it would be a good idea to take the servo apart and replace the diaphragm as well.

Two "wintertime jobs" !!

Just wondering, are there Control Valve rebuild kits out there ?

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