Author Topic: Found Why My steering wheel was in the incorrect position every few months....  (Read 1086 times)

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My Steering wheel started out in the horizontal position... then it was 45 degrees to the right..
another 6 months and one day its back to normal...??
this has gone on for 5 years....  it was back to normal when I drove to the VW Nationals a few weeks ago..
but when returning... it had gone back to 45 degrees to the right....
next drive it was correct again.....
then I drove over a rough railway crossing today and the wheel was at 45 degrees again...

Back Home and jacked the beetle front end up...
I checked every thing I could get to etc...
then I found a mark where the steering box had moved approx 1mm..  it had rubbed the paint back to undercoat.
I put My 1/2 inch Ratchet spanner on the nuts and couldn't move them...
Placed an 8 inch piece of pipe over the end of the spanner and put My weight behind it..
and they moved... so, I have tightened them down again... hopefully, no more changes with My steering wheel.... lol

I will have to retorque the bolts to the correct tension later....
hopefully My worries will be over now...

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