Author Topic: always measure replacement parts before removing the original part  (Read 1390 times)

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I have been thinking about removing the bush and seal on the shifter shaft
at the front of the gearbox...
so, today I decided to pull the original bush and seal and replace it with the new
one I had bought a while back from the USA..
I took the old bush and seal assembly out and tried to install the new part...
it wouldn't go into the gearbox...
after trying a few times...
I placed the old part and the new part together and found that the new part
was at least 1-2mm larger than the original bush..
so, then I decided to pull the new seal from the new bush
and pull the old seal out of the original bush and replace it with the new seal..
well, I haven't been able to remove the original seal...
luckily I had another gearbox and the bush and seal in it were in great shape..
so that one is now in My replacement gearbox...

the incorrect part number for the bush and seal assy is : 131 301 225B
the seal and bushing kit is 001 301 200
whether this bush fits I don't know...
it seems that the seal only number is 001 301 227
it could be the correct seal for auto sticks ??

Now if I could just find My calipers so I can measure everything.... ;D


still learning about autostick parts....
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