Author Topic: Generator light on when stop in gear  (Read 2440 times)

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Re: Generator light on when stop in gear
« Reply #45 on: 12 October 2017, 18:00 »
I think I was able to find the source of my sudden engine stopping!
I've installed a new Pertronix electronic ignition about 5-6 months ago.
Now to get to the root of the trouble, I decided to go back to points and condenser installed on my freshly rebuilt/cleaned distributor. Once I tried to remove the red wire from the coil (the red and black wires from Pertronix) the connection stayed connected to the coil and I ended up with a stripped cable end in my hand! :) I guess a bad crimp was all that caused my sudden engine stop! Anyway I've installed the points and timed it last night, as it gave me lower idle rpms than with the Petronix (I am using another freshly cleaned distributor that might be the reason for the different rpms). Now I am timed correctly with 930-960rpms instead of the 965-980 before! I'll drive the car as it is right now and observe the performance! Thinking of leaving the points in if everything works as it is intended to! :)

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Re: Generator light on when stop in gear
« Reply #46 on: 22 October 2017, 11:25 »

Yes, that could be the problem, but many people cannot believe that loose wires in a crimped connection can cause problems.  Only problem with points is that they wear down which changes the electrical timing of the engine.
If an engine starves of fuel , it cannot restart until there is fuel pumped into the carburetor bowl.  With a mechanical fuel filter, it means turning the engine over until it pumps enough fuel into the carburetor , so it can start.
With an electrical problem, the engine can be restarted immediately, after it has stopped.
I have always ran an electric fuel pump located under the fuel tank.

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