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Hi All,

Hope everyone is doing o.k, I am new to the VWAR community and have lots of questions about a VW Bug I bought last week here in North Carolina. I got it off Craigslist's List from a fellow who has had it public storage for quite a while and I am currently working with him on getting the NC Title re-assigned to me. It is more incomplete than disassembled; the owner prior to him tried in vane to collect all the IRS stick shift parts, and sold off all the Autostick parts. In preparation to bring the bug home, I have started buying autostick parts for it, that hopefully will work (which is main reason I have questions)

I hope picture opens o.k. it's prestine condition as you can tell Har, har, har!


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fenders, lighting, and the autostick parts.

Lets see, you need at least:

1.) Autostick tranny and probably mounts
2.) Autostick shifter
3.) ATF fluid tank
4.) Torque Converter
5.) autostick control valve.
6.) autostick vacuum servo
7.) possibly autostick dizzy.
8.) not sure what else I'm missing, but I'm sure others can chime in.

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Congrats on the buy. It's definitely a labor of love. Especially with an autostick as they get no props from the vw community at large. We are our own special type of insane. 😁
Most of the vitals are still available. Try to Search autostick. Also this site has saved me more than once. A great group of friends.
And the best piece of advice I can offer is to get the Bentley manual for your year. They have very detailed information on autosticks.
Keep us posted!
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                   Is the engine still there? You *can* convert a manual one but your parts list will grow bigger. As for itskyles list - get yourself a spare tranny shift rod, dependant on year - you'll have to shorten it. You will also need a shift plate to go under your new gearstick...and a few lengths of wiring harness material. Still got a flexplate? AS Gland nut? Pedal Assembly?

AS hoses (hydraulic & steel) as well as 6 feet or wire re-inforced 12mm vac hose.

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Hi to all again,

Just a quick update I still haven't been able to obtain a new NC title and the bug is still in the storage lot. But I did get a used tranny, the majority of the laundry list you both mentioned, minus an autostick intake manifold, torque bolts, and small bit and pieces. On the plus side, parts that came with the car included the original flexplate, new in the box AC Industries front disk brake kit, NOS German Mahle P&C's and a 90% complete front suspension rebuild kit.
The short block looks like toast, but I have a spare block just in case. and am working on it in my spare time.

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Hi Everybody,
Well, it's been awhile since I last wrote. Strange as it may seem, I received this week in the mail, my North Carolina Title for my 71 Super Beetle Autostick.  I about jumped out of my skin when I saw it! This was after 109 back and forth texts between me and guy that has it, to get together to meet at the NC DMV. . And wait for it, here's the kicker, still don't have the car.... stop laughing :)


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Congrats on getting one step closer. Don't feel bad. I have a title and my car, but it's still sitting in the garage. One day I hope to be able to trust it well enough to take it out on the highway.

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The best things come to those who wait!   

Good luck with your project, and enjoy :)
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