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73 Beetle Auto Stick
« on: 08 February 2017, 01:44 »
Purchased auto stick 73 Beetle auto stick haven't driven one before any recommendation best way to start and drive


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Re: 73 Beetle Auto Stick
« Reply #1 on: 23 February 2017, 06:08 »
vw Parker,
              Start in neutral ;D..on a serious note...use L, D1 & D2. DO NOT stick it in D2 and motor around. D1 & 2 will see you right for most traffic.

Oh,,btw...Hand OFF the gearstick whilst driving.

Now....You may or may not have the "Park" you know? It came out in mid '73 ish.

'71 RHD A-S Super - "Klaus"

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Re: 73 Beetle Auto Stick
« Reply #2 on: 24 February 2017, 19:33 »
While it isn't the best solution, dealerships in the US sometimes told new buyers of the autostick, if shifting was a "problem", to just leave it in R2 and putt putt away.

If it is terribly slippery out (I drive it year round up here in the Great White North), I leave it in R2 as it makes for easier starts on the slippery stuff.

I use L for faster acceleration when pulling out into heavy traffic.