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Torque converter
« on: 12 March 2018, 07:28 »
Hi Guys,
I just removed the engine from my 1969-1500 autostick and was a bit surprised that the part no of my torque converter ended with an A. I found a German article on semi automatics stating that:
 ET-Nr.  001 323 571 A = 1300 cm³
 ET-Nr.  001 323 571 C = 1500/1600 cm³

I am fitting a rebuild 1500 engine, is it smart to look for an other torque converter (C-type)?


1969 type 1 - 1500 conv - semi automatic

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Re: Torque converter
« Reply #1 on: 13 March 2018, 22:28 »
Interesting- my original 69 1500cc torque converter was 001 323 571 B !  :D
When I changed it a few years ago, the one I got was also "C".  Reading back in some of my posts over on the samba about that, it seems that the spigot on the new "C" torque converter had a bit of trouble engaging with the gland nut (just a hair too big.) I apparently sanded the spigot down just a bit, although I don't remember doing it! So check that before putting everything back together--otherwise I have been using this "C" torque converter for about 5 years now with zero problems.