Author Topic: 1969 Beetle Autostick Deluxe correct Speedometer  (Read 105 times)

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1969 Beetle Autostick Deluxe correct Speedometer
« on: 20 June 2018, 05:34 »
My son and I have a 1969 Deluxe Autostick Sedan. My speedometer was replaced by one of the previous owners, and I think it is a 1970 model speedo. Anyway, I am trying to confirm what mine should look like and what the actual part number is. The parts manuals appear to state I should have a speedometer with a separate fuel gauge. It states that part number 113 957 057 D is the Speedometer I should have. Description is "Speedometer (miles) reading in tenths without fuel gauge" and it states it is for Chassis 1181003668 up to 1113200000 for Option M20: 113. . .). That is the only one I could find with Miles (option M20) for the Deluxe (113). Does anyone know if this is accurate?

This all started because we want to add a Tach and I was planning to try to find one that "matches" the speedometer look and install it in the right dash panel, but now I am wondering if a fuel gauge should go there (rather than the one integrated into the speedo). As we searched for a Tach to match, we began to realize we may not have a 1969 model speedo (I knew it was changed, just didn't realize it wasn't the same year) so we may try to find an original to replace it and I want to make sure if we spend that money that we get the correct one, then we can decide about the separate fuel gauge and the tech mounting location.

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Re: 1969 Beetle Autostick Deluxe correct Speedometer
« Reply #1 on: 07 July 2018, 07:59 »

I also replaced My Speedo for one in KMH as the original was in MPH. When the description says with a separate fuel gauge, it is probably the correct late model 1968-69-70-71 speedo with the fuel gauge inside the speedo... although it is inside the speedo, it IS a separate part. So, I believe You maybe could buy a new speedo without the fuel gauge inside it.. and the old fuel gauge fitted into the new speedo. You just need to use an autostick speedo that has the extra bulbs fitted that the manuals did not have.. My Speedo has  9 [from memory] bulbs. not including the fuel gauge lamp.. ATF LAMP - oil lamp- Generator lamp - High beam lamp - blinker lamp- reverse lamp - heated window lamp - Lamps for speedo 2 -   You don't need to use every lamp.
I have pulled apart many VW speedos and have adjusted the speedometer numbers....

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