Author Topic: Proposed European Tour in 2020 . A question of spares.  (Read 29 times)

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Hello Fellow VWARegisti

 Next Year I am thinking about taking Tango, my '73 Stick-Shift KG Coupe around Europe. Sailing from Hull to Rotterdam via
Then a couple of hours drive to Dusseldorf to get on-board
Then from Innsbruck spend a day on the road driving to my folks in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary via, the alps in both Austria and Italy, passing close to Slovenia, then to eventually arrive 358 miles later at my Aunt Teri's home in Hungary.

 My Hungarian father lives in Spain but would fly out to Hungary where I would meet him and go visit family in Budapest and around Lake Balaton  ..... in my Karmann Ghia.

Are you with me so far .........  ;)

OK once my pa has been loaded up with home made Salami, Palinka and wine from the family vineyards I would drive him back to Spain. Staying overnight near Venice then drive over to Genoa and sail over to Spain via  and then drive down to Mazarron, Murcia where my dear papa resides.

 Then I have to drive home by heading north, staying overnight somewhere close to Madrid before arriving in Santander and sailing back to Blighty via

 I kindly ask my fellow VW Automatic enthusiasts what selection of spares would you take along? Especially Automatic Transmission related spares .... { if any ?}

Thank you in Advance
Semi-Automatic Karmann Ghia's need love too.
Especially the '72 to '74 Fatties