Author Topic: 69 beetle autostick stalls when in gear  (Read 109 times)

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69 beetle autostick stalls when in gear
« on: 02 March 2020, 00:46 »
Hi all, newbie here to bugs!
Issue: 1969 Beetle with Autostick, engine is not original, comes from a 72/73 based on the AK engine code.
Problem I am having: I just replaced the servo with a rebuilt, which most definitely solved the horrible grinding issue and now I can get all gears (L, 1, 2, R). Now though, when the car is running (cold) and I put it into gear, it wants to stall, and does every time. If I knock the shifter to Neutral, it idles fine again, but when in any gear forward or reverse, the car just dies. I have read many forum posts, but still can't seem to find a resolution. This car has been in our family for a short 3 weeks and is getting ready for a full resto, but I want to have her running properly beforehand. Any help is greatly appreciated!