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Introduction and Question
« on: 16 June 2021, 18:54 »
Im brand new and this is my first.
In 1968 I was working in Germany and bought my wife a new baby blue VWAS.  She drove it for several years but it eventually moved on. Over the years I became a car guy but never really into VWs. Im always searching for vintage cars and one day came across an AS that lived its life in AZ and belonged to a retired couple that had obviously taken care of it. After gathering as much information as I could get online, the owners were elderly and barely computer literate, but I believe make an honest attempt to get me the info I requested. So, I bought it sight unseen and had it shipped to OR.
One thing they told me was that they had had the engine rebuilt as a 1600 about 5000 miles ago. When the car arrived I liked it a lot and am happy with my purchase. The engine is very strong.
I wanted to indentify the engine but there is no engine number, none, nada. Here is picture of where I think it should be. Can anyone tell me what this means?
Thanks, Ray

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Re: Introduction and Question
« Reply #1 on: 17 June 2021, 08:25 »
           Unstamped engine case (replacement). I'd go ask OR Police or Rego authorities about getting an approved stamp. The only other thing is it could be a Type 3 sort of case, the engine number is somewhere in the middle of the top of the case IIRC.

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