Author Topic: Neutral safety swith - or?  (Read 262 times)

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Neutral safety swith - or?
« on: 16 June 2021, 22:46 »
I just spent two days working behind the dash of my 69 AS.  Installed a Retro radio and the single stereo speaker the just barely fits in place of the stock one.  Also replaced the voltage flucturator for the fuel guage.  Anyway, I dressed all the wires and put everything back in good cosmetic order.  Jumped in the car, turn the key and DEAD.  Behaves exactly like it does when I try to start in gear.  My first thought was neutral safety switch but somehow I don't think so.  I looked at a wiring diagram and energizing voltage to the starter comes through the ignition switch.  Is it possible I knocked something loose while wrestling either the radio or the speaker behind the rats nest of wires to mount them?  I don't have any idea what path the wiring takes from the ignition to starter.

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Re: Neutral safety swith - or?
« Reply #1 on: 27 July 2021, 12:49 »
Have You found the problem as yet????  it is probably something simple like a wire terminal has come loose ..
as I rewired My Beetle My self I cannot help You with any colors or where the wires go etc.... I have twice as many wires, maybe triple the number of wires in a Beetle.  I still haven't connected some things up, like the windscreen washer with electric pump.... etc...
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