Author Topic: Early and late gearboxes [with reverse lamps switch] different  (Read 1323 times)

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I have been wondering for a long time if i could fit a reverse lamp switch to My auto stick [1968] gearbox.
I have 3 or them and they are all identical...
there is NO provision for the reverse lamp switch..

I had a look at a late gearbox on here tday and then looked at mine and they are totally different
in that area...   My gearboxes all have the switch for the Two individual ATF temperature
switches....  a couple of inches away is a plug with a female allen head...
it looks like the type of plug that holds something in the gearbox [ in most cars and 4WDs]
the late gearbox does not have this plug and doesn't have the twin temp sender switch
they don't even have the same casting...

so, I've come to the conclusion that My gearboxes cannot be fitted with the reverse lamp switch...

I do have a revese lamp switch on the back of My speedo , between the speedo and the cable...
its a Hella part [accessory] and still works OK....
the reverse lights don't come on until the car moves rearwards a few inches....
and stays on until the car moves forwards... a few inches...  [haven't really measured the distance]


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