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Re: AS problem-beginner need your help
« Reply #30 on: 11 February 2018, 16:35 »
Hi Joeypaul, welcome to vwar!

I ran an H30/31 for several years on my autostick bug, it seemed to run OK but I switched to the correct Solex carb a few years back.
Anyway here is a photo I took of the vacuum connections on the H30/31:

Note that the autostick control valve vacuum line is connected to the upper right port facing the back of the car. And the lower angled port is capped off.
Since you are running an 009 you will not have the vacuum advance or retard vacuum lines like I do, they will need to be capped off as well.

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Re: AS problem-beginner need your help
« Reply #31 on: 13 February 2018, 09:54 »

It seems I may have had My H30/31 hoses incorrectly connected to the Distributor and control valve???
I bought a new SVDA [single vacuum dual advance Distributor from the USA   a few years ago and it advanced as soon as I touched the pedal [vacuum] but it only worked perfectly for about a month. I contacted the Guy in the USA and He said to pull it apart to see if I had dropped a screw in it... so I dismantled it, but I had not dropped anything into the bottom of the... anyway I never did get the vacuum part of that distributor working. If I suck on the distributor hose the distributor moves like it should??Advances.... ???
I also didn't get the H30/31 working correctly also after many months.... so it  is back in the box. I was going to check what jets were in it, as I have read where sometimes all the jets are incorrect... I did write down somewhere the correct jet numbers...  A local beetle owner was installing twin carburetors on His beetle but the jets were much too big, so He soldered up all the jets and then bought a set of drills that were jet sizes... very small... and redrilled all the jets....  Amazing..     Ihave tried a few carburetors but the distributor still doesn't advance with VACUUM only mechanical.... The Vacuum advance is unreal.... I've put My Bosch 009 distributor away...

Actually, the vacuum advance did work while the distributor had points in it. When I replaced the points with electronic ignition I bought from the USA.
with the distributor....   the vacuum stopped working...  The points didn't last long even though I kept them greased....!!! I have checked out the distributor a few times and it seems perfect... as new... no screws or washers in in it....

Lee in Australia   40C  degrees today [again]  actual road surface temp would be around 50c degrees or more...
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