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Adjusting speed of engagement

The control vave of the VW Automatic is adjusted to give smooth clutch engagement after selection of a drive range. In use, however, improvement of the clutch plate contact pattern may cause the clutch to grab. An adjustment of the reducing valve in the control valve can compensate for the grabbing. To a great extent, in fact, it is possible to fit clutch engagement time to the car owner's driving habits.
When the clutch engages too softly (slowly) increased heat, and consequently increased wear of the clutch linings results. There is a simple test to tell whether the enagegement time of your clutch is correct. Select the lower drive range but do not accelerate. About 1 secoond after you take your hans of the gearshift lever the clutch should engage fully. A servo control valve, through not defective, may not be in best adjustment to suit the car owner's driving habits. If you are not satisfied with the enagement of your clutch, study the troubelshooting, and make appropriate adjustments, working slowly and carefully.

Clutch engages too quicly:
Remove protection cap, turn adjusting screw between a quarter and a half turn clockwise and replase cap.
Clutch engages too slowly:
Turn adjusting screw between a quarter and a half turn counterclockwise and replase cap.


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