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Fix AFT leaking

If your VW_AutoStick is seriously leaking ATF, and you decide to check the gearbox, you would take account of the following hints, took from my own experience:

1.. Keep the Chilton´s book reference for assembly and disassembly.
2.. Before to start to disassembly The AutoStick tranny, check for the right place and direction of the clutch servo arm, connected to the gearbox, to assembly it right! Check for all hoses, cables and wires.
3.. When you are changing the converter seal, check for O-rings on the gear, behind the torque converter. The O-rings are these skinny little rings of rubber, which support and make pressure with seals.There are two O-rings to check in the gear.
4.. If you find the disc plate clutch and pressure plate clutch wet with ATF, the Converter Seal is leaking. Clutch parts have to be dry in order to perform its work properly.
5.. If you find a wear clutch disc, and you can´t find easily that part, you would use the same clutch disc for manual transmission. Both are pretty similar each other.
6.. Don´t be afraid of the inner small seal and the bearing behind the carrier plate and the transaxle. Both are standard and they are easy to find in specialised stores. If you want to know the right measures before to disassembly, I will send you a new mail with that info!
7.. When you have finished to assembly it, you have to check for the right clutch servo adjust.
8.. It´s pretty possible that your VW_AutoStick will need to be shift any gear, the first month after you perform that work, harder than before. After that, your car will recover its softness, and you will keep your satisfaction because your VW is not leaking ATF anymore, and it´s more powerful than before!


Written by : Rodrigo Kurmen


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