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Pictures / Re: Introduction to me and my '73 Automatic
« Last post by volkenstein on 04 May 2021, 03:53  »
         Ouch - P.O'd well and truly. I think your plans are a major step in the right direction. A nice looking car anyway - a '73? Early or late? Thinking about the "park" feature on the gearbox.

Technical / Re: Trouble Shifting
« Last post by volkenstein on 29 April 2021, 05:30  »
           Duck fart or dying cow noise is OK. BUT - just turning Ign on? = NO. Your wiring is earthing somewhere.
Now, doing this blind...the Vac Can arm normally resides sort of 1/2 in 1/2 out "at rest" in the servo can (see checkers post 3 or 5 topics down for help). I really can't tell what you have loosened, so set that short servo arm to the desired length. THEN - you check where the trans/clutch arm meets resistance (moving toward front of car) - push it (the eye) so it is back about 8mm. Then connect the two (servo arm "at rest" & clutch arm. That is a good enough for a start. Test drive (after your electrical tracing :) ) and when you are happy - tighten those arm connections.

Technical / Re: Trouble Shifting
« Last post by muirfollower on 26 April 2021, 21:09  »
Lee Volkstein appreciate the help since your responses. I got new brake booster hose in from Amazon over this weekend( Cohline 12mm ) and replaced the old stuff. Got the engine to run tried the shifter, same deal as before. BUT I went under and stared @ the VCanister again and have questions. I unscrewed the coupling and was moving the shifter arm and noticed that when it is disconnected from the coupling, it moves maybe an inch inch and 1/2  back and forth, before stopping in each direction, is this correct?  And this back and forth movement is loose not like a stick shift which is spring loaded, I think?  In any event, I put the coupling back on and screwed it in the VC quite a bit and was going to try and start the engine again. With the ignition "on", I heard a "click" from the back and also a vacuum sound, like that of a wounded goose or cow. Is this normal, good or bad? After that, the battery died, and it's back on the trickle charger

Pictures / Introduction to me and my '73 Automatic
« Last post by Disbloke on 25 April 2021, 13:42  »
Hi I'm Kevin and I'm in Norfolk UK. Currently trying to sort a few niggling issues on '73 automatic beetle. Mainly crappy electrical bits, biggest pain is that clutch slams into gear. Having looked around the net, and here seems likely to be carb related as aside from the slamming does go into all gears and move and drive. The car was my ex's and was rebuilt about 15 years ago, did have twin carbs on but they have since disappeared and now has a Solex 34 pict-3, not put there by me though, distributor also has no vacuum so could need to change that too. The control valve has been relocated under the car and I do plan to bring it back to its original mount point in the engine bay. Hoping I don't get too many issues but will be nice to get the car running nicely again and slip gently into gear.
Technical / Pops out of Drive 1
« Last post by buckjimmy on 24 April 2021, 18:10  »
I have a 1969 beetle AS with a 1600 SP, H30/31PICT, & a 205AA dist.
It has an issue with popping completely of gear into neutral when in drive 1 upon deceleration.
All other gears perform are fine. The transmission has no leaks, and operates quietly.
Any suggestions?
Thanks !
Vehicles / 1974 Beetle For Sale photos at this website
« Last post by 74vbug on 18 April 2021, 02:48  »
Sorry but I tried and assume that I am making a mistake somewhere and and cannot upload photos.  The system keeps telling me my pics are .jepg and will only upload .jpg.

However I have now listed it on the website and it is the only VW listed.   There are many photos.  I feel that the blue color is deeper than actually shows in the bright sun.  Also the ad should read that a separate (spare) Autostick trans is included.  Feel free to email me any questions at  So the pics are available at
Vehicles / 1974 Beetle For Sale
« Last post by 74vbug on 16 April 2021, 20:34  »
1974 Volkswagen Beetle Automatic Stickshift Transmission

Blue with gray interior
Body off pan restoration including new heater channels and floor pan panels
There are less than 1000 miles on the new Brazilian engine block.
Pertronix D182504 Ignitor II Electronic Ignition
Ceramic coated muffler
Optima Absorbed Glass Mat battery so it won't rot out the floor.
Added starter solenoid so no "hot start" problems
Canadian manufactured heavy duty Spectra Premium gas tank
New clutch
New carburetor

Crutchfield radio installed, proper fit for this dash
Heavy-duty billet aluminum running boards
California car cover
Lojack Anti-theft device

All new brake linings and master cylinder
New: C/V Constant Velocity  joints
New: Ignition switch, turn signal switch
Rust resistant Epoxy Painted Pan
Included is a used, spare Autostick Transmission.
$14,000. Will consider all offers.  More photos available.  email with any questions.
The car is in metro New York/New Jersey area.

Technical / Re: Trouble Shifting
« Last post by muirfollower on 13 April 2021, 22:31  »
Ok, thanks on the 34 pict vacuum port and the Control valve is the original, still has the little protective cap on top, screw measurement is about 2 & 1/2+ threads exposed on top.
Technical / Re: Trouble Shifting
« Last post by volkenstein on 13 April 2021, 09:21  »
                  At idle, the CV port should show next to nothing.   Check when engine is running off idle. 5 in/hg is all it takes to work the CV. Speaking of which - adjusted to spec? start point 2 1/2 threads exposed on the adjuster. You need to test your CV can hold 5 in/hg vacuum too.

You grind in reverse - you need to adjust the CV servo arm (that connects to the clutch arm) for freeplay. Sounds like you have too much. Search here and the OLD forum.

Technical / Re: ATF leak
« Last post by volkenstein on 13 April 2021, 09:12  »
             Engine seal? Common - just brand matters - Elring = good.

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