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Technical / Re: ATF/Oil pump gaskets and s...
Last post by Raymond73 - 11 July 2024, 23:05
Quote from: Chippy Senior on 08 July 2024, 22:02 Anyone have a source for the above? Preferably UK but happy to look further afield...

Not sure about the UK VW Heritage sources, but they have them here.

EVW Parts
Technical / ATF/Oil pump gaskets and seals
Last post by Chippy Senior - 08 July 2024, 22:02
Anyone have a source for the above? Preferably UK but happy to look further afield...
Technical / Re: Slight stumble when in gea...
Last post by bhartwell59 - 01 July 2024, 15:07
Hey Tom,

I followed your trials and tribulations re: the vac leak with great interest. Fine detective work!

After reading your post, I did test/check everything until I narrowed it down to the coil. The Petronix did solve a lot.

Since about early May, the slight idle stumble (in gear) is gone. I don't know why... I didn't do anything except fill up with gas. So now I'm thinking it WAS a gas issue all along (maybe summer formulation?).

So for the moment, thing's are good (until we shift to a winter gas formulation, who knows!).

I'll be keeping on eye on my past or future issue, and report back.



Technical / Re: Slight stumble when in gea...
Last post by tmea - 27 June 2024, 02:39
 I had this problem on my autostick several years ago. Assuming your engine is tuned and the vacuum advance is working.. The first thing I would check is for vacuum leaks. I did this by spraying some carburetor cleaner at all of the manifold joints where it bolts to the carburator and cylinder heads (with the engine idling) any change in idle speed indicates a leak that you will need to fix. Mine was very hard to find. The intake had a substantial crack underneath the lead sheath they mould around it and the heat riser. The crack carried out about 1" past the sheath so it was sucking in a substantial amount of air. I repaired it with some JB Weld until I could find a replacement. Don't forget to spray around your carburetor linkage for the throttle butterfly.

The next thing I would do is to do the same procedure around all of your clutch vacuum hose connections and actuating valve. Sometimes the valve can fail to cutoff properly and allow vacuum to leak leak back into the manifold. Usually you can take the valve apart and clean it up to fix that problem.

Hopefully this helps. Let me know how it goes. I'll try to give you more suggestions. The picture of my cracked manifold is in this forum somewhere. You can probably find it by searching by my user name.




Last post by Alabamapodunk - 22 June 2024, 03:26
Can you send me a photo of it and a price shipped to Alabama, usa
Technical / Re: Slight stumble when in gea...
Last post by bhartwell59 - 19 June 2024, 14:51
Everything is stock... properly mated dizzy to the carb.

There's no stumble when moving, just in gear at a stop light. The stumble is not consistent either.

Any suggestions would help!
Technical / Well, when I lost My gears , ...
Last post by 68autobug - 19 June 2024, 11:47
It wasn't the nylon bushing below the gear shifter rod , but the connecting piece between the gearbox and the gear shifting long rod. The square plastic bushes had fallen to pieces . The round bushing under the gear lever then fell to pieces when I touched... Now I found that about 50mm from the end of the long gear shifting shaft there is a  concave depression where a clamp with a special bolt goes. A spring from the floor, on the Right hand side of the shaft to this special bolt keeps the gear shifter lever pulled towards the Left hand side at the gear knob. The major problem being - I cannot push or pull the long gear shifter shaft thru the new nylon BUSHING, because of the depression in the shaft. It make the shaft about 20mm wider than normal. I did find a plastic piece off the top of a press button car cleaner. I cut it and greased it and will now complete the project, which has lasted about 4-5 weeks with much Rain, and now I have a chest infection so I cannot go out in the cool air. I do have a garage for the VW but it is on the lawn at present...  and cannot be driven [naturally] .. 68autobug  Lee  in the Horse capital of Australia..  
Technical / Re: Slight stumble when in gea...
Last post by tmea - 13 June 2024, 22:08
It is a hard question to answer without knowing whether it is a stock engine etc..

Do you have the stock carburetor and distributor or something else.

Technical / Slight stumble when in gear
Last post by bhartwell59 - 11 June 2024, 15:30
That would be when I'm at a light, in L and the car is running.

The problem: there is a stumble (not so major that it stalls) that then catches itself and runs fine... to another slight stumble.

When dealing with this problem earlier this year (it was really bad then) I checked everything to no avail. Stumped, I finally replaced the coil to a Petronix which ALMOST fixed it.

So it sounds like an ignition/electrical issue. I'm 95% of the way there but I just can't figure out these stumble gremlins.

I've checked ALL the usual suspects (timing, valves, plugs, spark, swapped carb out for testing, etc). '74 Ghia, 34pict3

Hopefully, this makes sense... I'm open to any suggestions!


General / UK semi-auto
Last post by Chippy Senior - 08 June 2024, 21:57
Looking to connect with owners of the following UK semi-auto beetles...

MUF 614F, 1500 convertible, listed as cream, v5 Apr'15
FPP 430G, 1300, listed as white, v5 Jun'22
WLN 214G, 1500, listed as black previously blue, v5 Sep'23
ALO 196H, 1300 ragtop, listed as white, v5 Apr'22
YUC 10H, 1500, listed as blue, v5 Jul'13
MCY 39H, 1500 convertible, listed as green, v5 May'24

Any help greatly appreciated, as we try to establish the full list of UK survivors (currently at 18 OTR, 4 in resto including the above)