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DIY Engine Stand
« on: 30 January 2011, 03:13 »

Just thought I'd post some pics of my DIY engine stand.  Well not completely DIY - I did splurge and spend $25 on the bench-mount engine bracket (which was well worth it).  My shop is a bit on the small side so bolting it to my bench just wasn't convenient, I set out to make a stand.  I didn't have a welder, and I grew up around woodworking so I thought why not make it out of wood!  The base is an old photocopier cabinet, which is quite heavy-duty and great for stashing parts.  It's a good height for me (about 8" higher than if mounted to a bench), rolls around well, very stable, and overall it works great.

Anyone else have pics of their homemade engine stand?
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Re: DIY Engine Stand
« Reply #1 on: 03 February 2011, 13:34 »

Well Jayson...

I would never ever thought of making anything to do with a car out of wood.... lol

much less an engine stand....

I wouldn't have thought that the wood would have been strong enough to hold the engine up...
[must be some wires there ]


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