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Started by stevecollects, 22 September 2015, 20:33

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I have two running auto stick cars.    I have 2 backup transmissions, and 4 control valves.   But I fear I need to be on the look out for some particular part that is hard to find and could impact my ability to resolve a transmission problem.    Is there a schematic of the parts needed from the engine to the transmission connection (such as plate, throwout bearing,etc.....), and is there any particular part that is really hard to find, that could wear out over time, and not be able to find it.    I want to keep them running forever.


I would think either the Chiltons manual or the Bentley manual would have a good list of parts.

Speaking of parts, how difficult would it be to get a 3d printed version of an autostick part that would be NLA?



maybe the plastic/nylon bushing on the clutch servo arm.,,, it wouldn't matter what it is made from... even brass...
I also have 2 complete gearboxes plus starter motors , vacuum tanks etc -
if You keep them adjusted and have replaced all of the hoses then they should last for many years..\
maybe if You need a clutch plate, one could be made by renewing the linings...
fuel hoses & breather hoses under the bonnet...
ATF hoses can be made from hydraulic hose using the original fittings...

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