70 Autostick

Started by Originalz, 28 June 2022, 06:21

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So I had a running 70. Please let me fill you in and get you up to speed.
Please be gentle, I'm pretty newb.

Welp, after cruising in this bug for about 2 weeks symptoms noticeably got worse and then bad. :P

So I'm assuming that hearing the "goose call" from the clutch is tell-tale of a bad diaphragm. That also points to it possibly not staying in 2nd gear when accelerating.
All that aside, over the last week after shifting to reverse or in gear she started shifting hard. As in jerking. Finally this last Saturday after backing into the street, she decided she was done.
It no longer will shift. The clutch will not disengage when the car is on. It will grind at reverse but not in the other gears. Also noticed that when applying pressure to the stick the engine wants to stall out. I tore apart the stick and went through the contact and wires, fuse to Control Valve, and connections to it. Hoses have been replaced and we can hear the control valve witching when the car is off and gears are engaged. Until I can get it in the air I cant inspect the vac tank or clutch itself.
I am sad...