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Wife got her dream car
« on: 27 February 2013, 21:42 »
Ever since I met her, my wife has always wanted a VW Bug. After our SUV died last year, I decided on making it happen for her. We tried out a few bugs, but the shifting was too much for her. She was heartbroken, feeling that her dream car was some childish fantasy.

I was not about to let that happen, so I went into research mode. By happenstance, I found out about the Autostick. As it was the clutch which was causing her such issue, it seemed an ideal solution.

Sunday, a 1972 Autostick Super Beetle went up on Craigslist. Immediately, jumped on it. She was reluctant, having resigned herself to never being able to have a classic Bug, but then she got in, and started driving it, the eyes just lit up.

We bought it cash on the spot from the original owner, now in her 60's. 92k original miles. It is not much of a looker yet, but it was taken care of mechanically and the inside is near mint. My project over the next few months is to bring the exterior up to the level of the inside.

The look of glee on my wifes face as we took it home made the fustration to find the right bug for her all worth it.