1974 Super Beetle Autostick

Started by mouser98, 26 June 2013, 15:54

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so i got it running and it sounds like its really running well.  very balanced, no smoke, no leaks that i have seen yet.  i'll report back after the break in period.  i might even post a video of it running.


my SB has a terrible case of the SB shimmies.  got the top line front end rebuild kit, and we are scheduled to install it on Tuesday at a friend's shop with a lift.  almost ready to start DDing.


Quote from: mouser98 on 22 March 2014, 00:31
we finally had a nice day again yesterday and me and a friend got the engine up into the car and all tightened down and as i went to try to install the first TC bolt it fell into the bell housing.  i had to work today but tomorrow i guess i will pull off the rear plate, loosen up the engine/transmission bolts and try to slide the engine back some to open up the bell housing and hopefully retrieve that bolt.  i am so looking forward to that (not).

OK on the torque converter bolt..  lol.. The workshop manuals say NOT to drop a bolt... lol
I have had My TC bolts out many times but was lucky enough not to drop one. I have even used Hexagon headed Hi Tensile bolts and allen key headed Hi Tensile bolts in the torque converter.
You may have been able to use a magnetic flexi tool to get the TC bolt out??  I'm presuming the normal TC bolts are steel.. 
Your engine looks great.. and Your car does [what I've seen] too.
I use NYLOC nuts on the Engine/gearbox mounts..  actually I use Nyloc locking nuts on just about everything
apart from the exhaust system as the nylon can melt...  lol..

cheers from Australia


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Hi Lee, thanks for the kind words.  I am proud of how the engine turned out.  The car itself though, looks way better in the pics than IRL lol.  But, the good thing is that there is no real rust (except the death foam rust), and no wiring issues.  It mostly just needs some minor body work, paint, new trim and body rubber, new headliner, near rear seat upholstery, and i need to redo the front seats.  oh yeah, need a driver side door card.

the odometer stopped working, mostly likely that plastic gear cracked.  i have the blower fan out and a new one to go in; just putting this off because working under the dash is so unpleasant.

put in the new front end a few weeks ago and it stopped the shimmies.  also found the source of the screeching noise the car was making, turns out someone (PO) put the right rear castle nut on the spindle only hand tight.  the bearings seem fine though.  tightened up the castle nut and now no driving issues.  so i been daily driving this thing all over and really enjoying it.


Enjoyed reading your story. I too have a 74 Autostick, Marina Blue