Lee /Sean HELP! ATF Hose Diagram/ Hose Lengths

Started by Porbest, 21 January 2014, 04:31

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HELP!  With as many auto sticks out there must be someone able to at least measure the lengths.

Does anyone have a diagram of where the ATF lines connect and the length of each one?
Any information will be helpful.



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Hi Dave,
I'm looking for any information on the Automatic Transmission Fluid lines. I removed them several years ago and cannot find the rough diagram I made. I need the lengths to make sure I have the right ones.

The link you gave me will be very helpful when I get to the vacuum hose.

LEE....Could you send me the attachments from the link above. For some reason I can't open  your attachments from postings on VWAR.



Hi Porbest

I measured the 3 ATF hoses I have here.

The very short thick hose with a 14mm Banjo fitting on it goes from the bottom of the ATF Tank  to a pipe under the engine..   [the pipe comes from the ATF Pump]
The hole in the Banjo fitting is 14mm plus its 14mm thick. This hose measures 220mm or 8 3/4 inches long from the end of the hexagonal fitting on one end to the center of the hole in the banjo bolt.. >[====( l<)    This is the suction or Feed line from the ATF Tank.

The ATF return hose from the RHS of the Gearbox [14mm banjo bolt] thru the front tinware plate above the gearbox on the RHS of the engine up to the top of the ATF Tank.

This Hose is 28 3/4 inches or 731mm
long from the end of the pipe fitting [tank] to the center of the 14mm banjo bolt fitting..   below the temperature sender/s..
This hose returns the ATF to the ATF tank after going thru the torque converter..

The ATF Pressure hose that goes from the RHS of the gearbox thru the front tinware plate above the gearbox bell housing on the RHS of the engine, to a vertical pipe which is to the Right of the fan belt.   The male end of this pipe protrudes thru the tinware.
     (This pipe comes from the ATF pump goes around the pump and goes vertically up thru the tinware)   
This Hose is 41 1/2 inches or 1054mm long from the end of the pipe fitting to the center of the 12mm banjo bolt on the RHS of the gearbox...  [below the temperature sender/s]

I have remeasured these hoses a few times.. 
but If I was going to make new hoses I would add an inch or 25mm [
at least] to each one..  [which I did when I made My new hoses]  I believe the hoses outside diameter may have been different over the years?  These old hoses from 1973 [stamped on the ferrule]  probably have steel in them as they are impossible to straighten.. lol ..  The 1968 short hose has steel on the outside..

Anyone making New ATF hoses -
the internal hose and fittings measurements are critical. the ID = Internal Diameter..
Its best to reuse the original banjo bolts if possible.. or even both ends..    The Outside diameter of the hoses is not critical..   actually it will change with different hoses with the same ID but made for different pressures..  its best to use Hydraulic hose - with the same internal diameter as the original hoses., regardless of the outside diameter.
Hydraulic hose with 1 reinforced wall will be OK.   You don't need steel reinforced hose..    but it can be used..  it was used originally I believe....
My pressure hose has the end that screws onto the pipe, held on with two hose clamps.
the hose clamps are excellent worm drive hose clamps, but normal good quality hose clamps should be OK..  I think this hose had clamps on it when i got it..  Hydraulic hose can be used with the original fittings with  ferrules that would normally be used with that size hose to hold the fitting onto the hose.  These ferrules are usually pressed onto the hose these days, [same as the originals] but ferrules that can be screwed on manually should be still available ?

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Bill Adler

Pressure hose, ferrule marked vw 5 measured 1/4 ID x 1080 mm. Return hose, ferrule marked vw 8 measured 5/16 ID x 720 mm.    The hydraulic fitter dude, measured from center of banjo ring to the end of hose underneath the ferrule. I asked him to add about one inch, thus: thicker hose was 29.75" and thinner hose was made 43.5". There were no steel wires in the junk yard set, but the hoses were braided, as one could see string embedded in the sliced rubber-like material.
Note: the banjo fittings sort of step - screwed into the hose, and the original ferrule was re-used. For the nipple end, the fitting was re-crimped with a new ferrule. The crimping process created about eight to ten small longitudinal splines around the perimeter. As reported elsewhere, the copper washers measured about 1.2 mm and 2.8 mm thick. There were no bevels noted on the thicker washers. The return bolt and its washers is too fat to confuse the pressure bolt Assy components.
To be noted there was some confusion over the working psi and temperature for the 5/16" ID hose they had in stock ( no one has metric hose ) but this would have been exact for an 8 mm ID. I was told the hose working pressure was 90 psi, and Bentley states exceeding 52.6 psi may indicate problems. The temperature was rated up to 212F. Not sure if they will work, but needed to convey the after razor sliced caliper measured and checked Inside Diameters, as I could not find that on this forum. The cost for custom hoses fit onto existing steel for the pair was $70 total. The cost to get the old parts from a classified ad on the Samba was additional.

7 weeks after I had the hoses made, I removed the faulty hose from the 71 CA Ghia. This was the lower longer hose from the tranny which pump returns ATF back to the reservoir. Weird observation #1 - the ID turns out to be 5/16" not the 1/4" which is what the ID for the long hose that came from the junk yard parts. This location has the larger diameter bolt for reference. Weird observation #2 - the junk yard banjo bolts copper washers were two different thicknesses, fat one goes on the trans side. My washers were both the same thinner thicknesses. The upper hose visually appears to be thinner, so beware that you might need to take the old hoses off the car that you have been running. Weird observation #3 - removing the bolt with socket & ratchet, was torqued, to allow oil to drip out. Seemed to only drip 1 to 1.25 quarts was able to capture with 8" diameter reservoir. Weird observation #4 - the wall grommet was likely original, thick and slightly brittle, so it may need a razor trimming to allow easy hose access watch your eyes. Weird observation #5 - wheels were raised about 11" resting on a plastic ramp, just lucky enough to get my torque wrench to go 25ft-lbs. Hose guys are pretty nice no charge. Also this time reused the original ferrules, no crimping. How long will it work...