My Lifted 1970 Autostick - reborn "Herbie FullyLifted"

Started by Bambergvr6, 29 May 2014, 07:34

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Hello all and Aloha from Hawaii!

What you see here is a 1970 Autostick that I rescued from a Carport in a small beach town here in Hawaii.  I purchased this VW in April 2011, and it's been a labor of love over the past few years, everyone here seems to love it.  Let me know what you think.

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1970 VW Bug
"Herbie Fully Lifted"


Here is the finished product

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1970 VW Bug
"Herbie Fully Lifted"


Way too cool, never thought I'd like lifted bugs but that looks just right. Good to see another autostick saved from the dreaded manual conversion.

Guido from the land down under.

Here is our girl we've named Gretel, means pearl in German. makes sense that the colour is Antarctica White.


68 1500 semi auto bug


Thanks for the props.  This weekend there is a VW show at the beach park.  It's the annual VW show here in Hawaii.  Wish me luck.
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1970 VW Bug
"Herbie Fully Lifted"


that is one very nicely modified 1970 Autostick..
with Swimmwagen type wooden floorboards, Are You running some VW type 181 suspension parts??
You could have a problem with the CV Joints at that angle.. although seeing You aren't drag racing etc they should last a long time..
Did You fill the CV Joints up with Lithium based MOLY Grease? which is what VW recommends for the front axle and wheel bearings etc..
Any more pictures are welcome..
Those tires are Huge...  and its great that You have done something different with Your Beetle.
I didn't think that Your front bumper with blinkers in it, were used in the USA .. etc..
They were used on 1975-76 Beetles in Australia [maybe 1974??]
[Supers and non supers]

cheers from Australia


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