EVN 558 L hits the road to Huddersfield {and out poses a new Bentley}

Started by The Keszthely Kid, 24 September 2018, 13:36

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The Keszthely Kid

Hola Amigo's,

This weekend I finally managed to take Tango, my Phoenix Red 1973 Semi-Auto KG Coupe for a good run out to see a vintage VW and Porsche collector friend living in Huddersfield.
We took the long way there and enjoyed every minute of it. Folks waved and smiled at us which made my partner Sue have her first reason to smile :) for the week after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer on Thursday :( 
The best moment was when a new Bentley Coupe rolled up next to us at the traffic lights. People stared, smiled and waved at Tango while the Bentley was ignored to the chagrin of it's well attired driver :D
On seeing Tango my friend could not believe how good, honest and original she was, especially when I told him she came from Connecticut rather than California.
He fully approved all the more especially when he saw the odometer reading of just 25,468 miles.

On the way home we took a different route that enabled us to reach 50MPH and she drove really good. Before reaching home we called at a small Italian Restaurant for lunch. The restaurant owner was so well impressed with Tango that he gave us our starter course Gratis 8)

I really enjoy the semi-auto VW driving experience and just cannot understand why they are criticised and unloved by many enthusiasts.
I Guess its probably like that joke about the Young Bull and an Old Bull looking down at a field full of Cows ;)

Bestest Wishes
Rick von H
Semi-Automatic Karmann Ghia's need love too.
Especially the '72 to '74 Fatties


Great news.... Yes many people do really love seeing older cars and really appreciate seeing them...
at least the older cars will not be replaced with electric cars..

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