ATF Temperature Warning Lamp! Where's mine gone?

Started by The Keszthely Kid, 27 September 2018, 13:34

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The Keszthely Kid


My '73 Karmann Ghia has no ATF Temp' lamp

However the '71 and earlier Ghia's do

Did VW do away with this lamp as the later Semi-Auto systems did not overheat their oil?

Confused ??? I most certainly am.

Semi-Automatic Karmann Ghia's need love too.
Especially the '72 to '74 Fatties


Yes, Rick, You are correct.
[/size][/color] Only the early models came with the two ATF sensors on the RHS of the gearbox [transaxle].
[/size][/color]VW found that the ATF didn't actually overheat when driving in DRIVE 1... so the telltale lamp and sensor switch was omitted in later models...
[/size][/color]You can easily see when looking at the gearbox from the rear on the RHS... the early cars had two heat sensor switches...
[/size][/color] one above the other... You will note that Your car only has the sensor...
[/size][/color]cheers from Lee in Australia..
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