Stay safe and lets all get thru this

Started by The Keszthely Kid, 03 April 2020, 13:34

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The Keszthely Kid

Fellow 2-Peddlers of the Flat 4 Faith,

Each every one of us are facing a terrible crisis around the world. Naturally our families and friends come first, ( OK so I have no wife n kids myself so my semi-auto '73 KG Coupe IS my family I suppose but you get my drift ).
Holiday plans are cancelled and so are visiting friends as unnecessary journeys are to help stop spread of this horrid virus.
Sadly my favorite VW shows have had to be cancelled or deferred too  :(

Here in the UK I am a local government officer and classed as a Key-worker, helping to keep society going through these tough times. I drive to work in my trusty Skoda Octavia kombi but on Drive-it day (Plus one!), Monday April 27th I  may well drive my automatic Karmann Ghia to work to blow the 'Winter Cob-webs away' after being laid up over winter.
I carry papers signed by our CEO that if I am stopped by the police or army I am safe to proceed to my job rather than be fined and possibly arrested  ???

When I purchased 'Tango' as I christened her, her vendor described her as a 'Survivor'. She is and so are we.

This grim reality will pass and we will return back to enjoying some serious 2 pedal driving .... some sunny day 8)

Semi-Automatic Karmann Ghia's need love too.
Especially the '72 to '74 Fatties


I too am a key worker, waiting for this horrible mess to clear.

Sunny day Sunday, roll on!
1300 1973 Beetle Autostick - Amber Orange - Tombstone rear lights