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Re: Trouble Shifting
« Reply #15 on: 26 April 2021, 21:09 »
Lee Volkstein appreciate the help since your responses. I got new brake booster hose in from Amazon over this weekend( Cohline 12mm ) and replaced the old stuff. Got the engine to run tried the shifter, same deal as before. BUT I went under and stared @ the VCanister again and have questions. I unscrewed the coupling and was moving the shifter arm and noticed that when it is disconnected from the coupling, it moves maybe an inch inch and 1/2  back and forth, before stopping in each direction, is this correct?  And this back and forth movement is loose not like a stick shift which is spring loaded, I think?  In any event, I put the coupling back on and screwed it in the VC quite a bit and was going to try and start the engine again. With the ignition "on", I heard a "click" from the back and also a vacuum sound, like that of a wounded goose or cow. Is this normal, good or bad? After that, the battery died, and it's back on the trickle charger


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Re: Trouble Shifting
« Reply #16 on: 29 April 2021, 05:30 »
           Duck fart or dying cow noise is OK. BUT - just turning Ign on? = NO. Your wiring is earthing somewhere.
Now, doing this blind...the Vac Can arm normally resides sort of 1/2 in 1/2 out "at rest" in the servo can (see checkers post 3 or 5 topics down for help). I really can't tell what you have loosened, so set that short servo arm to the desired length. THEN - you check where the trans/clutch arm meets resistance (moving toward front of car) - push it (the eye) so it is back about 8mm. Then connect the two (servo arm "at rest" & clutch arm. That is a good enough for a start. Test drive (after your electrical tracing :) ) and when you are happy - tighten those arm connections.

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