68 hesitation when accelerating from a stop when warm

Started by Tomlx50, 08 January 2023, 23:02

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Hello my 68 autostick starting having a problem with accelerating from a stop when warm it will hesitate real bad. I have to let off the gas or it will stall. 
Timing good, changed spark plugs and wire,
Checked points gap and then replaced points and condenser.
This is driving me crazy at first it's fine then after a few min of driving it starts to do it.


There are two things I would recommend checking. First, your centrifugal and vacuum advance on your distributor. Easy to check if you have a timing light. Second is the accelerator pump on your carburetor. If you have the OME carb it will be on the r/s side of the engine and easily accessible. Remove the cover plate and check the diaphragm inside. It maybe torn. If neither of those are the problem I'd get a can of starter spray and check for vacuum leaks. Start at the cylinder head intake joints and work your way up to the carburetor. If you notice a change in rpm when you spray in a given joint you have a vacuum leak there. A good thing to fix right away as these leaks cause your engine to run very lean and very hot.



I have the same issue with my 72. when I accelerate at a green light, it feels like its choking, I let my foot out and step on it again and runs fine.  My mechanic is taking a look at that now among a few other things, but he thinks it needs a new carb.  I trust him, he owns a Import car repair shop and has a 67 beetle convertible which he restored himself completely to show car level.  The car is silver with dark red leather low backs and a dark red convertible top. This car is nothing less than beautiful and perfect.



I'd save your money by checking your point gap and timing first. You can do it your self. The directions are in the owners manual and it is a simple procedure. The problems that usually cause your symptom are:

- Point gap/dwell angle incorrect
- Incorrect timing (these two things go together) set your point gap first then timing.
- Accelerator pump setting.