Can one convert a manual to an auto stick?

Started by Arik24, 05 June 2023, 19:58

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Hello I have question is it possible to convert a manual vw bug engine into an auto stick one if one can get the parts ? I do understand I would need an auto stick transmission as well. I just want to know if such a thing is possible.


       Yes is the short answer. Over on (US VW site) a few people now and again advertise complete A-S setup's as they have converted to manual - BUT, they may not sell everything required and be careful of the manual engine if it runs a flat cam (oil pump differences).

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As Volkenstein has pointed out the oil pump is important for the reason that Autostick oil pump has two chambers - one pumps the engine oil and the other side pumps the Auto Trans Fluid.

The intake manifold is also another difference because of the main vacuum line to the shift mechanism. I have converted Autostick VW's to manual but never vice versa.  I had one person ask me to convert his manual to Auto for his wife.  Told him it would be much less expensive to find an A/S Beetle for sale. If you are looking, I have an Autostick Beetle available.

I see that you are a "Newbie" so I don't know how familiar you are with the Autostick.  A quick description of the transmission is that it is actually a three speed manual with a clutch that is released by a vacuum servo that is electrically controlled. The "automatic" part is the torque converter that transmits engine power to the transmission. 


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