Hello from Lismore, NSW, Australia

Started by jordanrochfort, 30 August 2023, 02:45

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G'day all,

My names Jordan, my 1971 semi-auto beetle and I live in Lismore, NSW Northern Rivers region, Australia.

Been a member for about a year but, I thought I'd introduce myself and see if there was any other members around the Northern Rivers.

I am slowly trying to learn as much about the workings of my car as I can and would love get as much advice from locals in the area as possible.

My car is roadworthy and drives pretty well, aside from a couple of things (leaking push rod tubes etc), and is hopefully heading for rego blueslip soon. That is if i can find someone who is aircooled savvy in the area ;)

Anyway, would love to hear from Northern NSW auto people, but regardless, I will continue to enjoy all the great resources on this forum!

See you all round the bend.



       Another Aus member, hoo-ray. I know no-one up your way but Lee is in Scone & I am here in Sydney.
'71 Standard or '71 Super? You are close to Valla where they hold a large VW show & a lot of volksies are up that way on the coast/Coffs. How'd you fare with the floods up there?

Sean aka Volkenstein.
'71 RHD A-S Super - "Klaus"


Hi Sean,

Wow not many Aus members out there then.

My car is a 71 standard.

In my case, the floods were not too bad. My car was damaged however the only consequence was lots of time off the road. Nothing compared to most in town.

Valla show looks great. Perhaps see you there!