Transmission plate bolt size, M7/1.25?

Started by 1972autostick, 18 November 2023, 21:41

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I'm in a bit of a pickle. No one seems to know the size of the bolts that go on the bottom of the transmission, bolting the plate on. From my experimentation, I believe the bolts to be a Metric size 7 with a 1.25 thread pitch.

I base this conclusion on two things. Firstly, we have a NAPA and they had a test area. I brought my bolt and it would not fit in the M7 more than a few mm's before binding. Visually it appeared to be have 1.25 thread pitch as well. Secondly, I read somewhere that Volkswagen made fasteners custom for the work rather than the same measures of standardization common to other manufacturers. So some things can be non-standard sizes.

I do not want to retap the threads, oversize them, etc. I am looking for confirmation that I'm not crazy and they are M7 1.25, and am looking for options on how to get replacements. I was not able to find a tap and die set to make my own. Can these be bought anywhere? I would prefer not to buy a whole other autostick transmission just to salvage the bolts. Surely there is another option?

In the attached pictures, you can see the ones I am missing. I appreciate any and all assistance!

05DEC2023 UPDATE: I scavenged one from a spare autostick transmission, though still, anyone have anything to say about the bolt thread pitch... hello?


The transmission plate bolt sizes are M7/1.25 I confirmed, which means you will have to scavenge them from an old autostick transmission or get them custom machined because they do NOT exist. M7's are only made with 1.0 thread pitch.