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Started by Chippy Senior, 08 June 2024, 21:57

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Chippy Senior

Looking to connect with owners of the following UK semi-auto beetles...

MUF 614F, 1500 convertible, listed as cream, v5 Apr'15
FPP 430G, 1300, listed as white, v5 Jun'22
WLN 214G, 1500, listed as black previously blue, v5 Sep'23
ALO 196H, 1300 ragtop, listed as white, v5 Apr'22
YUC 10H, 1500, listed as blue, v5 Jul'13
MCY 39H, 1500 convertible, listed as green, v5 May'24

Any help greatly appreciated, as we try to establish the full list of UK survivors (currently at 18 OTR, 4 in resto including the above)
Chippy (UK)

'70 semi-auto 1500 in clementine orange L20D, factory sunroof, hiback seats. 41,000 genuine miles. 4 owners.