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Funciona mal el Saxomat ?

Our member Rodrigo Kurmen has find this information about the Saxomat, "click" on the picture to get bigger. The information are written in Spanish, but if you prefer English, Rodrigo has translate it too! (bottom of this page)

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Works bad the Saxomat?

Then check first:

At the gearshift.

  1. The distance and perfect state of the contacts.
  2. The firm seat of the piece of contact in the gearshift.
  3. Possible deteriorations in the cable of the gearshift to the control valve.
  4. The firm seat of the inferior contact of the insulating socket. If being connected the ignition you press the gearshift, will have to hear the operation of the membrane of the Servo-motor, being then perfect the union between the gearshift, valve of control and

At the control valve:

  1. The firm seat of the unions of all the flexible tubes (hoses, I guess?), even the thin tube between the control valve and the carburetor.
  2. If the flexible tubes have not bent or hooked.
  3. The firm seat of cables in the connection bridge, between the valve of control and the ignition coil. 4. The insurance in the connection bridge.

At the carburetor:

  1. Setting of the engine idle. The too fast adjustment of the engine idle, can originate difficulties in the starting.
  2. If the gas butterfly, the carburetor cable, and the accelerator pedal work freely.
  3. The perfect operation of the stepped segment and the automatic corrector of the starting.

In the clutch lever:
The firm seat of the fixation screw. If the union between the handle had become loose and the clutch rod, you have to renew the aluminum washer placed between both pieces, in order to readjust the clutch and to tighten the screw of fixation with 6kgm. If the outer edge of the drill, in the fluted inner part of the clutch rod, still does not take countersinking, recommend yourself to execute it later. Its diameter will have to be of 14mm.

Check the clutch play. Clean surface contacts at the gear shift and, check the distance of the contacts.

If in spite of this, you have not managed to find the cause of the failure in the Saxomat, consults the special indications in the page M28/1-3 of the Repair Manual for VW tourism cars, 1960 edition.

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