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My '67 Semi Auto

Started by Tez, December 31, 2006, 07:10:37 PM

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This is "Lucy" my '67(68 MY) semi auto i've had her about a year and in which time i've managed to put some dropped spindles on, add some flat 4 BRM's and new rubber, get the bodywork sorted,put a new carpet set in and new seatbelts and new TMI interior. She's my pride and joy!. Please people let me know what you think of her and if there's anything else you think would look good on her!(although there are plans for 2007...)also not that i would sell her but what do you think she's worth?

:D Thanks Tez


looks good. what else have you got planned.

Bought mine a couple of months ago and needs some welding at the front but has passed its MOT. Bought the front half of a 1302 as a donor and just finished cutting out the bits that I need

Will be getting a full resto in April if my man can clear his backlog of work. In the meantime I am going to have a go at painting it with an enamel based paint. Been reading other forums where it seems to be popular and gives some good results. Will post up a few pics when I get going.

where are you from?


love the pics of your ride. I think it looks great! plus its right hand drive, awsome. I'm not sure of the market, but if I had the cash, I would pay at least $7000 USD.


You have one nice looking 1968 Beetle there...
Auto sticks weren't made in the 1967 VW model year...
1968 model beetles were made from 1st August 1967 - to 31st July 1968..
so You have a 1968 Beetle...

there are too many books about now that list the cars by date they were made...
which is Incorrect by VW model years....

If Yours was a 1967 year model  it would have sloping headlamps and horn grills... [in Europe]..
Vertical headlamps and horn grills in the USA...


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here's my opinion.

1st you have a nice car no doubt, but from the pictures I'm not for the following:

A.  red seat belts - 1st it does not match the red tone of the car. 2nd I think the black belt would look nicer a preserve the classic image of the car

B. red rear drum brakes - again I'd go for black. the red drums just draws the attention to that area which if you think of it, is not worth it as drums are not "race" type technology.

Am not against the color red, I had red '69 beetle once, very similar to the one you have. I just think that a good looking car should have the right color scheme and tones in the right places.

just my thoughts :)
Sydney, Australia