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semi auto karmann resto

Started by stcos85, February 19, 2007, 09:31:39 PM

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Not sure how this will work as my son has set up a web site for me.

Today I have started on a resto of my 71 semi auto karmann beetle.

The web site address is where you will find a number of pictures.

I knew I would find some problem areas but as I should have expected there a few more bits than was expected. However back at the garage tomorrow and will start to cut out some of the old rot.

I must say It is not me doing the skilled work. I am just doing the labouring. Bought a front half of a reasonably good car to act as a donor and purchased new year wings, apron and various other panels.

Will add some more pics tomorrow. Feel free to comment.


Finally finished the bodywork. getting a new hood next week and odered some seat covers for a set of high backs.

Afew pics of how it was and how it is now