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Torque converter stall speed test


  • The torque converter stall speed is that speed beyond which the engine will not turn when drive is engaged and the brakes are fully on. To carry it out it is necessary to be able to know the engine rpm. This involves temporary connection of an electric tachometer.
  • It is important that the engine be in proper tune for this test and thus developing its rated out put. The converter oil level must be correct.
  • With the engine warmed up and running, range 2 selected, and all brakes firmly on, increase engine speed to maximum possible and note the revolutions per minute. This must be done quickly and not continue longer than the time taken to read the instruments. Otherwise the converter oil will overheat seriously. If the stall speed exceeds spesification 2300 rpe, it is indicative of a slipping gear change clutch. If it does not reach stall speed revolutions then the power output of the engine is down.


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