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Gear lever contact

The gear lever contact, which closes the electric circuit to the valve solenoid for selection of a drive range, requires inspection every 10.000 km. Check it for dirt or corrosion and for play. Remember that the circuit should not close when the lever is moved form side to side. Clean the contact. If necessary, replace the assembly.

Adjusting the gear lever contact:

  • Lose and remove the boot over the lever selector.
  • Loosen the bolts that holding the gear lever selector mounting.
  • Move lever into drive range L.
  • Carefully align lever in the L position. The lever should not tilt to either side but should incline backward about 10 degrees from the vertical.
  • Loosen the bolts a little, then holding the lever to keep it from moving, press the stop plate under the mounting to the left until it makes contact with the shoulder on the lever.
  • When lever in the position obtained in the three step over, tighten the mounting bolts. Then shift through all the drive ranges. You should be able to engage any range easily and without sticking.
  • Secure the ground lead for gear selector lever contact at the lever mounting.
  • Re-install the boot.
  • And have a nice tour in your VW Automatic.


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