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Checking the clutch:

Pull off the vacuum hose at the clutch servo. Use narrow end (4mm) of metal gauge to measure clearance from upper edge of bracket to lower edge of adjusting nut. If the servo rod of the clutch servo, with linkage connected, can be pulled out a distance of more than 4mm, the clutch requires adjustment. (at the figure at right hand side).


Pull vacuum hose of the clutch servo. Barely loosen lock nut and leave in loose position.
Turn adjusting nut five or five and a half turns away from sleeve. The separation between adjusting nut and lock nut (shown at the figure) should then be 6.5mm. Measure this distance with the wider end of your sheet metal gauge.
Screw lock nut up against adjusting nut in the new position and tighten. Install the vacuum hose and don't forget to tighten clamps.
Road test your vehicle to check the adjusting. If you can accelerate without slipping of the clutch and you can engage the Reverse gear, the adjusting are correct. If not, you have to do the all again.

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