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Changing the converter oil

The torque converter and the oil tank are filled with 5 liter of ATF type A oil. The oil level must be between the two marks on the dipstick. Add oil only when the level drops below the lower mark.
If the oil level drops rapidly without any sign of leakage externally, check the oil level in the engine in order to ascertain if oil transfer is taking place inside the oil pumps.

Carry out the oil change as follow:
Detach hose at oil tank outlet and drain oil into container
Reattach house.
Detach return hose at oil filler neck of oil tank and route into drain container.
Start engine and run it at fast idle speed. While torque converter is being emptied, pour approximately 5 liters of ATF into the oil tank.
When oil level in drain container has reaches 5 liters turn engine off and reattach hose.


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