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To operate the system

The different drive ranges:

Neutral for starting the engine you must have the selector level in Neutral. When you move from Neutral to a drive range, the engine should be at idle speed. If the engine is cold (like a Norwegian summer?) the car can start to move in Neutral unless you apply the foot brake.
Low is selected if a heavy load is load is to be put on the engine. If you shall moving off on a steep hill with your mum in the backseat, or driving over very rough terrain Low level should be selected.
1st is selected for normal traffic use and rapid acceleration.
2nd is the range for 'highway' driving, and accelerating at medium and high speed.
Reverse, think you can figure out yourself what this is use for? You have to depress the selector lever slightly to select Reverse.

When you now know the different drive ranges we will look into:
Changing drive range:
When you put the hand on the selector level and move it, you will close the circuit to the solenoid in the servo mechanism that operate the Semi-Auto clutch.

To select a drive range:
A: Release the accelerator pedal!
B: Push selector lever to the position you want.
C: Take your hand off selector lever.
D: Drive a way like a angel on a sky!
Other things you should think about when the engine is pulling hard, the temperature of the Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) in the torque converter can rise about normal. This overheat calls for a changes in driving range. If this happens a red lights in the speedometer will lights up. If the light comes on you should select the next lower drive range so the torque converter ATF cools down.
Another tips is when the car stand still and you select a drive rang have the foot on the brake pedal! Or the car can creep forward ( or backward in Reverse). And when you parking the vehicle you must use the handbrake! Or the car can begin to move when you are into the shop!!!!!



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