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..My new daily driver.. :)
« on: 27 December 2012, 15:43 »

Hi all,
My name is Arek, I'm polish but live in Sheffield UK.. Just found this forum surfing on internet and thought I'll introduce myself..anyway at the moment I own an orange 1303S semi auto I acquired few months ago.. She's got MOT for years however reqires some serious metal work like new floors, driers side heater channel and probobly a lot of another surprises..I am ready for it anyway .. This is my 5th late bug I already have (excluding my '78 bay window "silverfish" I'm currently finishing off but that's different story) and I exacly know what to expect (had owned '02 first car, few 03s including 03 karmann cab I had to sell relucantly To cut the story short unfortunately I only took one pic of my 03 but will take some more when weather picks up..She is and wil be my daily driver so at the mo only bother to keep her as reliable as poss for daily use but my plan is to restore her to her previous glory and keep her stock..Anyway I,m happy that I,ve found this forum and think gonna have few questions aswell ;)  Thanks

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Re: ..My new daily driver.. :)
« Reply #1 on: 31 December 2012, 05:33 »
       Hi and welcome. Another UK based bod is good. Should you need help we are but a posting away and there are a few
UK based people here as well. Given the salt slathered on UK roads, I don't envy your task!

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Re: ..My new daily driver.. :)
« Reply #2 on: 02 January 2013, 21:01 »
Hi thanks v much..
I spent quite lot of time reading this forum and find it really great! Driving in winter isnt an easy task at all and keepingan old bug in reasonable condition either but hey ho that's what they ware made for ;)  AnywayIm pretty sure one day I will b in need of your help guys :p Happy new year!


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